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How Much Roof Space Is Required for Residential Solar Panels?

Most homeowners in Australia are looking for alternative and sustainable energy sources to reduce their monthly electricity bills. One way of doing this is going solar. Residential solar panel installation is indeed a smart move that not only helps to cut electricity bills but also is environmentally friendly. You might be thinking about how much roof space is required for solar panel system installation. Let’s clear your doubt.

If you are planning to install a solar panel system on your property, you need the help of CEC-accredited solar installers.

How to Calculate the Roof Space Needed for Solar Panels?

Isolux Solar works with homeowners from the initial design to installation and even the testing of solar panels. The first step in a solar system is to determine how much solar energy would be needed to power your home. To calculate how much roof area is needed for residential solar panel installation Isolux solar will perform the following steps:

Energy (Power) Usage

This involves conducting an energy audit to determine how much power your property actually requires. The current monthly electricity bill will tell approximately how much kilowatt-hours of energy is used in a month. Multiplying that by 12 will give the annual estimated energy usage.

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Number of Solar Panels

The solar installers usually recommend a 5kWh solar system for residential homes in Sydney.  For this, 20 solar panels of 250w would have to be installed.

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Best Roof Place

In addition to determining the number of solar panels, it is crucial to find out the most ideal place on the roof that will generate maximum solar power output. A high power yield guarantees a high return on investment for residential solar panel installation. Solar panel system installers also determine the tilt angle and horizontal area of the roof. Finding the perfect roof place where solar panels can be installed so that they receive direct sunlight, and can use it to generate more energy is important.

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Roof Space for Solar Panels

A 250 W solar panel is about 1.6m x 1m in dimension. This means that for the installation of 20 solar panels, approximately 32 Sq.m. of roof space would be needed.

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Area required for solar panels = Total number of solar panels x Area of one panel

A good residential solar panel installation in Sydney is one that is able to offset the exact amount (or nearest) of energy that is being used at your home.

When it comes to residential solar panel installation every property is different and has a unique roof. Hence, there is a need for custom solar panel installation from solar installers. There is no one-size-fits-all approach possible in the case of residential solar panel installation in Sydney. CEC accredited solar installers visit the home and determine the number of panels required depending on the roof space and energy requirements.

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