How Solar Works

Concept of becoming your Own Power Company

Solar photovoltaic (PV), or PV cells, harness the sunlight to generate clean, green electricity, with no emissions whatsoever.

This light energy is converted within the cells of the solar panel to create DC electricity. DC electricity is then converted by a solar inverter to regular household electricity which powers your lights and appliances.

Any surplus power generated by your commercial solar power system or residential solar power system is exported to the grid. If your household uses more electricity than your solar power system generates, the grid will provide any additional power required. Solar PV systems with a battery and inverter let you store the solar energy you don’t use right away. This is how solar works and how to be your own solar power company.

Know Step-by-Step Process of Electricity Generation from Solar Panels.

Most Common Components of Solar System

Solar Panel

Solar panel goes on the roof and converts the sunlight into DC electricity. At Isolux solar we use Tier 1 panel which comes with 25 years of manufacturer’s warranty.


Inverter Converts DC electricity into AC electricity to power the house loads. we use premium range inverters and All our inverters comes with 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty with an option of extended warranty up to 10 years at an extra cost
solar panel component

Mounting Kit

Mounting kit is the most important component when it comes to installation as it securely attaches solar panels on roof or the ground . All our mounting kit whether roof top or ground mounting are of the best quality.

Smart Meter

Smart Meter Records how much of electricity is supplied by Solar power system and how much of electricity is supplied by your electricity provider. Not all the houses equipped with the smart meter. You may have to contact your Distributor or Energy Retailer for it. We can help you advise on it.

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