Best Solar Inverters in Sydney

Solar inverter use maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to get the maximum possible power from the photovoltaic systems or PV solar panels array. Solar cells have a complex relationship between solar irradiation, temperature and total resistance that produces a non-linear output efficiency known as the I-V curve. It is the purpose of the MPPT system to sample the output of the cells and determine a resistance (load) to obtain maximum power for any given environmental conditions. Here are the best solar inverters 2021.

Solar Inverters

Types of Solar Inverters

1. String Inverters

String Inverters is the most common type of solar inverter in residential solar panels system as it generally required one per installation. Strings from multiple solar panels attach to one inverter. It then converts DC to AC current for residential use.

2. Micro-Inverters

Microinverters is a small inverter required for each solar panel to optimize each panel’s power at a module level. Each solar panels deliver more energy even if you have partial shading conditions. Microinverter helps to optimize the voltage output for each panel to yield maximum output. If one microinverter shut down, the rest of the system continues transferring of DC current to AC current as they are connected to individual microinverter.

3. Hybrid Inverters

The hybrid inverter is a multi-mode inverter that allows attaching a battery into the solar power system along with the inverters. The main advantage of micro-inverter is, they supply solar energy in the form of DC power to the battery but also supplies to the grid and power for your home appliances.

4. Central Inverters

This type of inverter is used for the solar system having a capacity of hundreds of kilowatts or megawatts. It resembles the string inverter of linking multiple solar panels string to one inverter but in the central inverter, it joints all the solar panels strings together in a combiner box, then connects it to the central inverter which receives the DC power supply from the combiner box and converts it to AC current.

There are various inverters brands available in the Australian market. Some brands identified as the best choice, top performers, some with good reviews, and some are average. On above all of these factors, some inverters are known for the price. Inverters are more likely to be costly, but not always. Inverter cost 20-30% of your solar panel system if you’re looking for a long-lasting inverter. Some inverter brands are the leader in the competition because of their design, long-last, modern, high efficiency, low complaint, and revamped.

Therefore, we have listed the top inverter brands to give you an insight into your favourite or required choice of the quality inverter.

Top 9 Solar Inverters in Australia

Fronius Solar Inverter

Fronius founded in 1945 by Günter Fronius in Austria. Become leading inverter manufacturer in 1992 with a unique snap-in design that eases the inverter installation. Fronius inverter comes with multiple MPPTs for better efficiency, an active cooling system, and an integrated solar DC isolator that eliminates the need for an external isolator box. Fronius inverter has Wi-Fi-enabled system monitoring. The smart meter allows monitoring of solar energy consumption.

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SMA Solar Inverter

SMA is a German-based company started in 1981 and the most trusted solar inverter brand in many countries. SMA has proven experience in the solar industry with quality products and photovoltaic inverters. The SMA inverters are suitable for off-grid and grid-tied solar systems.

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Sungrow Solar Inverter

Sungrow is a renowned inverter brand started in 1997 and has product delivery services in over 154 countries. The company motto is Green and Effective that says the world become greener with the help of solar products. Sungrow develops high-quality products for residential and commercial purposes.

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Growatt Inverter

Growatt is also known as Growatt New Energy Technology. Growatt founded in 2010 and recognized for manufacturing unique, affordable, and high-efficiency photovoltaic inverters and storage systems.

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Solis Solar Inverter


Ginlong Technologies was founded in 2005. It is a Chinese company headquartered in Ningbo, China. With over 20 years of experience, technical development and improvement. The company’s engineers produce the best quality inverter and become the largest manufacturers of solar inverters. The company’s solar inverter product line is named Solis. Solis means Sun, which comes from a Spanish name derived from the Latin sol. Solis is the first inverter brand to enter the Australian market.

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GoodWE Inverter

GoodWe is also known as GoodWe Power Supply Technology Co. Ltd. They are the leading manufacturers of string and hybrid inverter and widely used inverter in Australia. GoodWE manufacturers single and three-phase inverter with a capacity of 0.7kW to 250kW.

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SAJ Inverter

SAJ is also known as Guangzhou Sanjing Electric Co., LTD. It’s a Chinese company that focuses on renewable energy conversion, transmission and storage solutions. Establish in 2015 with a capital of 50.4 million RMB. SAJ has a strong Research & Development and technical service team.

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Enphase Solar Inverter

Enphase is the most popular brand for solar microinverters manufacturing. The company started in 2006 in the United States and was the first company to commercialize the microinverter on a wide scale and remains the market leader in their production. Microinverter convert, manage and monitor solar energy per panel, rather than the entire array of solar panels.

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Solar Edge Inverter

Solar Edge is the third-largest inverter manufacturer in the world and one of the best solar inverter in Australia. Solar Edge manufactures an intelligent inverter system that uses DC optimizers to monitor each panel and maximize the power generation.

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Huawei Inverter

Huawei is a well-known name in the smartphone industry, but it is also popular in the Solar industry. It is one of the largest inverters manufacturers and spent a large sum of money on research and development in solar technology.

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The Best Solar Inverters in Australia

One of the most important components of a Solar power system is Solar Inverter. To make use of the power being generated from solar energy, you need to have the best solar inverters. It converts solar energy generated from solar panels which is a DC current into AC current which we use in our home or sent to the grid. There are different types of solar inverter available in Australia.

Off-Grid vs. Grid-Tied Inverter

How does a grid-tied inverter works? The basic functionality of the inverter is to convert DC power into AC power, which then the energy sent to the grid. In a grid-tied inverter, only two-part involved in wiring a grid-tied inverter, solar inverter and solar panels. It was easy to install and use.

How does an off-grid inverter works? Off-grid inverters require a battery to store solar energy. Solar Panels generate energy in DC form and transfer it to the battery, which then the inverter inverts into AC power that you can use for all the household appliances.

Off-grid inverters contain extra components like a battery monitor, charge controller and AC/DC circuit breakers which makes it complex than grid-tied inverters.

Solar System Monitoring

All the solar inverters come with a monitoring system to track the performance. Without a monitoring system, it is difficult to know whether the solar system is working perfectly or require maintenance. Most inverters track solar generation and consumption with an additional meter.

Where Should the Solar Inverter Placed?

  • String, hybrid and battery inverters should be mounded in a shaded area or in the garage. Usually, it was installed near the main switchboard. Inverters are designed to be installed and are weatherproof, but excess heat degrades the performance and lifespan.
  • If the inverter can’t be installed in a shaded area then provide a shade to protect it from heat. You can check for the inverter shade or solar awning, it will increase the lifespan of the inverter and provides high performance.

Is Solar Inverter Available in Various Sizes?

  • Solar inverters are available in different sizes.
  • The size of the top solar inverter to be installed depends on the size of the solar panels that are installed.
  • The solar inverter must be able to effectively manage the amount of power generated by the solar panels.
  • For example, for a 6.6 kW solar power system, a solar inverter of a similar range or capacity would be sufficient to handle the power generated by the system.

There are many options available to select the top solar inverter in Australia. Some of the top solar power inverters for homes are as follows.

  • Fronius Inverter
  • SMA Inverter
  • Sungrow Inverter
  • Growatt Inverter
  • Solis Solar Inverter
  • GoodWE Inverter
  • SAJ Inverter
  • Enphase Inverter
  • Solar Edge Inverter
  • Huawei Inverter

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