Top 8 Solar Inverters Sydney, Australia

Looking for top solar inverters or want to upgrade an existing system?

The Solar inverter is the main component that converts DC electricity to AC electricity, which means that the inverter converts solar energy into usable power for your home appliances.

Without a solar inverter, it is impossible to run home appliances and other devices on solar energy because it produces only DC. Your solar system requires top solar inverters and a charge controller to get the same electricity that you can get from the grid. It is the most complex part of the residential solar system. Moreover, the cost of inverters is about 20% to 30% of your solar PV system.

There are String Inverters, Micro-Inverters, Hybrid Inverters, and Power Optimisers. Each of these inverters has different efficiency, capacity, and purpose. Before installing solar inverters, you need to take help from the Best Solar Companies in Australia, which guide you to decide the best inverters for solar power for your residential solar system.

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6 Factors to Consider When Buying Top Solar Inverters

Installing the top solar inverters for the system with specific key features will expand the user experience and get you maximum output from the solar system. Check the following features and specifications before calling Solar Inverter Installation Company of the inverter from different angles allows you to choose the best solar power inverter for your home.

1. Features of Top Solar Inverters

Check different manufacturers products to compare the features of the solar inverter before finalizing for installation. Also, the inverter features must be compatible with your requirements and the solar system.

2. Lifespan

A solar system has 25 years performance output warranty and 15 years manufacturer warranty on the solar panel, so you need an inverter that is enduring and durable. The high-quality inverter comes with durable materials, premium design and gives maximum power output.

3. Service and Support

We need an inverter for a long time, so the inverter must contain a warranty and after-sales service. In case of any difficulty or system failure, it ensures that you will get a trustworthy service.

4. Cost

Analyze the market price with the features of products and compare it with other available inverters. You can search online, get a quote from a reputed solar panel installation company in Sydney, Australia to compare prices and features.

5. Warranty

Warranty means to protect the user against defects in design, manufacturing, and material. Check five years warranty for the inverter, and 10-years is good. Some company provides less warranty while another company provides an extended warranty.

6. Customer Reviews

Check the solar inverter reviews or customer feedback online. To check what other customer had said about the specific solar inverters. Also, check the latest reviews and old reviews but do not depend on the past reviews. New technology comes up with new features which improve its efficiency.

Top 8 Solar Inverters in Sydney, Australia

1. Fronius

Fronius founded in 1945 by Günter Fronius in Austria. Become leading inverter manufacturer in 1992 with a unique snap-in design that eases the inverter installation. Fronius inverter comes with multiple MPPTs for better efficiency, an active cooling system, and an integrated solar DC isolator that eliminates the need for an external isolator box. Fronius inverter has Wi-Fi-enabled system monitoring. The smart meter allows monitoring of solar energy consumption.

Efficiency: The average efficiency of the Fronius inverter is 97% to 98%, but the presence of two MPPTs boosts the efficiency to reach 99.9%.

Warranty: Fronius inverter has a warranty of 5 years and can also be extended to 5 years extra warranty, free of charge by registering the inverter online.

Fronius manufacturer products named Primo, Galvo, Symo, and ECO solar inverters. One of the top inverters for residential and commercial solar installations.

Some of the awards won by Fronius for its high-quality products and services are listed below.

IF Design Award (2015)

Plus X Award (2013)

Smart Grids Pioneer (2014)

Red-dot Design Award (2013)

Check Fronius Inverter Review

2. SMA

SMA is a German-based company started in 1981 and the most trusted solar inverter brand in many countries. SMA has proven experience in the solar industry with quality products and photovoltaic inverters. The SMA inverters are suitable for off-grid and grid-tied solar systems.

Other popular solar inverters are Sunny boy, Sunny Tripower, Sunny Tripower Core 1 and Core 2, Sunny Boy Storage, Sunny Island, Sunny Portal Monitoring, and Tigo optimizers.

Efficiency: The most popular SMA inverter is the Sunny Boy inverter, which has a maximum efficiency of 97%. Some other products like Sunny Tripower 2000TL and 2500TL have an efficiency of 98.4% and 98.3%.

Warranty: SMA inverter comes with a warranty of 5 years and can also extend to 10, 15, and 20 years depending upon the model.

SMA inverters provide many web-based monitoring software packages to its customer. These include:

  • Sunny Portal
  • Sunny View
  • SMA Energy Meter
  • Sunny Home Manager

SMA inverter won many awards for its high quality and reliable products.

  1. INTER SOLAR Award 2010 for the Sunny Central 800CP central inverter.
  2. EES Award 2016 (Europe largest exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems) for the Sunny Boy Storage.
  3. Smart Energy Award 2013 for the SMA Smart Home comprehensive energy management solution.
  4. INTER SOLAR Outstanding Solar Projects Award 2016 for the photovoltaic diesel hybrid system

Check SMA Inverter Review

3. Sungrow

Sungrow is a renowned inverter brand started in 1997 and has product delivery services in over 154 countries. The company motto is Green and Effective that says the world become greener with the help of solar products. Sungrow develops high-quality products for residential and commercial purposes.

Efficiency: Sungrow inverter efficiency gross 99% with the help of multiple built-in MPPTs of 2 to 9, along with Bifacial solar panels.

Warranty: Sungrow inverter comes with a warranty of 5 years and can also extend to 10 years on some models. Sungrow latest model from 1st April 2020 comes with an inverter warranty of 10 years.

Sungrow provides a web-based monitoring system named the ISolarCloud app, which allows monitoring essential updates, power consumption, power supply to the grid, string-level inspection, batter, and month-wise yield of energy. This app used to monitor downtime, fault, automated reports.

Check Sungrow Inverter Reviews

4. Enphase

Enphase is the most popular brand for manufacturing the best solar Microinverters. The company started in 2006 in the United States and the first company to commercialize the microinverter on a wide scale and remains the market leader in their production. Microinverter convert, manage and monitor solar energy per panel, rather than the entire array of solar panels.

Efficiency: Enphase microinverter is more efficient than solar power optimizers. Enphase IQ 7 series of micro-inverters have an efficiency of 96.5%.

Warranty: Enphase microinverters have a 25-years of inverter warranty which is longer than the standard five years or ten years of warranty on string inverters.

Enphase monitoring system allows monitoring of individual panels and the whole system. This system allows monitoring of performance, any defect, nonperforming solar panels.

Check Enphase Micro Inverter Review

5. SolarEdge

Solar Edge is the third-largest inverter manufacturer in the world and one of the efficient solar inverters in Australia. Solar Edge manufactures an intelligent inverter system that uses DC optimizers to monitor each panel and maximize power generation.

Efficiency: SolarEdge inverter has an efficiency of 99.5%, which is higher than the required inverter efficiency of 95% to 98%.

Warranty: Solar Edge has the highest warranty of 12 years and 25 years for power optimizers. You can extend the warranty up to 20 or 25 years which is the long term warranty offered by any inverter manufacturer.

SolarEdge monitoring application allows monitoring of system performance and thus maximizes solar energy harvesting.

SolarEdge offers a single-phase and three-phase inverter.

Check SolarEdge Inverter Review

6. Huawei

Huawei is a well-known name in the smartphone industry, but it is also popular in the Solar industry. It is one of the largest inverters manufacturers and spent a large sum of money on research and development in solar technology.

Inverters like Battery Ready and SUN2000L is the best for the residential inverter. It weighs only 10.6kg and small in size. It also comes in different sizes ranges from 2kW to 5kW.

Efficiency: Huawei SUN2000L series has the maximum efficiency between 98.6% and 98.65%. The optimizer increases the efficiency of inverters; even without an optimizer, the efficiency will not drop.

Warranty: Huawei inverter comes with a warranty of 5 years, and you can also purchase an additional five years of inverter warranty. The warranty on inverters applies from the 180th day of shipment from Huawei or the date of installation. The Huawei warranty is applicable on the product like SUN2000L, SUN2000P-375 optimizer, Smart power sensor, and Smart PV safety box this warranty is applicable.

Check Huawei Inverter Review

7. Growatt

Growatt is also known as Growatt New Energy Technology. Growatt founded in 2010 and recognized for manufacturing unique, affordable, and high-efficiency photovoltaic inverters and storage systems.

Efficiency: The maximum efficiency of the Growatt inverter is 98.7%, and the latest GroWatt’s latest MIN 2500-6000TL-XH series has an efficiency of 98.4%.

Warranty: The Growatt provides five years of inverter warranty, and you can extend it to another five years, which includes the labour cost and parts.

Growatt provides a monitoring system named OSS – Online Smart Service to monitor the performance and diagnose inverter from anywhere.

Growatt dongle receives the latest updates, self-consumption, output and input of inverter power.

8. GoodWE

GoodWe is also known as GoodWe Power Supply Technology Co. Ltd. They are the leading manufacturers of string and hybrid inverter and widely used inverter in Australia. GoodWE manufacturers single and three-phase inverter with a capacity of 0.7kW to 250kW.

Efficiency: GoodWE inverter efficiency is 97%. In other inverter series like the NS series and SDT series, the efficiency ranges from 96.5% to 98.3%.

Warranty: GoodWe provides an inverter warranty of 5 years, but you can claim an additional 25 years.

GoodWe’s monitoring system named EziViewer app to track the performance, behaviour and power harvest from the solar system at any time.


You have now know the top solar inverters manufacturer with its efficiency and warranty to get an idea about the product range.

You can select the solar inverter for your commercial and residential solar system by comparing the power output, warranty, efficiency, working capability, and price.

Contact the CEC accredited solar installers and get the obligation free quote.