What Makes Fronius Solar Inverters The Best?

If you are planning to get a solar PV system installed at your home, you will hear two terms quite often:

Solar modules convert solar energy into current, but, what is the role of an inverter is the question.

What is an Inverter?

  • An inverter is a key part of a solar PV system.
  • It converts the DC generated by solar modules into AC, which is actually used to power our homes and offices.
  • It also ensures the seamless functioning of the PV system.
  • It ensures maximum current yield by keeping a track of the solar modules, grid values, and other parameters.

It is rightly said that a solar inverter is the heart and brain of the solar photovoltaic system. It performs the dual role of ensuring the proper yield of current and the safety of the entire PV system. Hence, it is crucial to choose the best solar inverters and not compromise on the quality even for a cheaper price.

When it comes to choosing the best solar power inverter, Fronius solar inverters stand out from the rest. There are many positive Fronius inverter reviews available online. This clearly shows these inverters are a class apart.

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Key Benefits of Fronius Solar Inverters

If you are looking to upgrade your existing PV system or want to install a new one, it is worth considering the benefits offered by Fronius solar inverters.

  • Highly reliable and efficient.
  • Guarantees the safety of the entire PV system.
  • Ensures maximum utilization of solar power generated by the PV system.
  • An efficient built-in cooling system prevents overheating.
  • Capable of efficiently handling and controlling electrical loads.
  • Available in a wide power range.
  • Efficiency percentage of 97.8%.
  • Standard five years of warranty.
  • Capacity to accommodate various PV systems.
  • Easy and hassle-free installation due to SnapINverter technology.
  • Fronius solar inverters can be monitored live.
  • Impressive energy savings.
  • Multi-Power Point Tracking (MPPT) ensures that maximum electricity is generated from the solar panels.
  • Improved performance and maximum solar energy consumption.
  • The low failure rate of only 0.5%.

Looking at the benefits offered by Fronius solar inverters, they appear to be the best choice.

Range of Fronius Inverters

1) Fronius Prime

  • Highly reliable and efficient single-phase string inverter for residential solar users.
  • Power category range: 3 kW to 8.2 kW.
  • Unique snap-in design making installation and servicing easy.
  • Built-in fan-forced air active cooling system with a low failure rate.

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2) Fronius Symo

  • Three-phase string inverter ideal for residential and commercial use.
  • Power category range: 3 kW to 20 kW.
  • Unique SnapIN function for easy installation and fitting.
  • The active cooling system enables continuous operation at temperatures as high as 50o

Even though Fronius inverters carry a price tag higher than other cheaper options available in the market, it is a wise decision to invest in them. In the long run, the savings due to a Fronius solar inverter will surpass the upfront investment.

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