Why Solar

Solar Is The Future

The price of electricity continues to climb in a very predictive fashion, but the price of solar power has drastically decreased in the past couple of years. The sun and the solar energy sector are very pleased with this, of course, which is perhaps why you can now see a greater return on investment (ROI) on solar installations.


We offer $0 upfront deposit plans to install a commercial and residential solar system which allows to install solar tomorrow and start saving money instantly!!!

Energy Bill Savings

Solar helps you save money on your electricity bill from day one and protects you from rising electricity price. we understand value of money.

Renewable Energy

It’s a 100% renewable energy which reduces your contribution of carbon foot prints to the environment, protects the Coming generations.

Our Isolux team are available to provide solar power installation Sydney wide and elsewhere in New South Wales, Australia. We provide Residential Solar NSW and Commercial Solar NSW. Choose the package like 6.6 kW Solar System, 9.9 kW Solar System, 13.2 kW Solar System.

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