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What is a Hybrid Inverter Solar System?

The use of solar based technology is completely transforming the way electricity is being generated and used. There is a wide range of the best solar inverters along with solar panels available in the Australian market. However, a hybrid inverter solar system makes it a reliable and durable option for many homeowners in Australia.

What is a Hybrid Inverter Solar System?

  • As the name indicates, a hybrid inverter solar system is a combination of two systems: standard inverter + battery inverter.
  • A standard inverter converts the DC power generated by solar panels into AC power used to run home appliances.
  • Just like a standard inverter, a battery inverter converts DC power into AC power. But, it also sends the excess DC power generated by the solar system to the battery for storage.
  • A hybrid inverter solar system possesses the functionalities of both, standard inverter and battery inverter.
  • It is an effective combination of both off-grid and on-grid solar energy systems.
  • When using the stated best solar inverter, there is no need for a separate battery inverter.
  • When the solar system is not generating power, for example, during cloudy days or at night, the hybrid inverter solar system can access the energy stored in the battery and convert it into AC power for use.

Hybrid best solar inverter is best suited for places having:

  • Frequent power outages
  • Low feed-in tariff rates
  • Require continuous, uninterrupted power supply

What Happens To a Hybrid Solar Inverter System During a Power Outage?

If a grid failure happens during the daytime when the solar system is functioning, it won’t shut down. The best solar inverter will isolate the grid supply and switch over to the battery storage to retrieve the power stored in the battery to make home appliances run.

Benefits Offered By a Hybrid Solar Inverter System

Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • A hybrid inverter solar system provides a constant power supply to households.
  • In case of an electricity outage, the storage battery functions as the best solar inverter and provides the power backup.
  • It enables customers to use power either from the grid, solar or the battery.

Hassle-free Energy Monitoring

  • This best solar inverter lets you keep a track of how much energy is being generated and how much is being utilised.
  • When using a hybrid inverter solar system, there is only one system in place, making energy monitoring easier.

Eliminates The Need For Future Battery Storage

  • Battery storage solutions are still quite expensive for many Australians.
  • If you have an existing solar system and are looking to add a battery maybe after 10-15 years, it makes sense to invest in a hybrid inverter solar system at present.

Less Maintenance

  • This best solar inverter needs less maintenance. It doesn’t need frequent servicing compared to other traditional energy sources.

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