Rooftop Solar System

Does Solar Panel Installation Help to Cool the Roof?

Solar panel installation Sydney on rooftops not only helps to generate emission-free electricity, but also cools the roof of the house or building where they are installed.

What Happens On The Roof During The Summer?

  • During a hot summer day, the roof, which is made up of a dark surface, absorbs a lot of heat energy coming from the sun if it doesn’t have solar power installation Sydney.
  • The temperature of the rooftop can even reach nearly 70oC.
  • The materials from which the rooftop is constructed is specially designed and engineered to take care of high temperatures.
  • However, extremely high temperatures cause wear and tear of the rooftop materials.
  • The heat from the rooftop enters the home and building, increasing the inside temperature.
  • The rising temperature inside the home and building means added pressure on the air conditioning system.

How Does Solar Panel Installation Cool The Roof?

  • Solar power installation Sydney can help reduce the temperature of the rooftop by around 3oC.
  • The solar panels fixed during solar panel installation Sydney act as a blanket or physical cover on the roof.
  • Solar panels will block the sunlight from hitting the roof and don’t allow heat to enter the house.
  • Basically, solar panels reduce the amount of heat from the sun that is absorbed by the roof.
  • The convection currents set up between solar panels and roof also help in cooling down by reducing heat in the roof and solar panels.
  • Convection currents refer to the movement of air in the space between solar panels and the roof.
  • Solar power installation Sydney means there are glass and aluminum surfaces, which are poor conductors of heat. The heat energy is reflected off these surfaces.

Do Solar Panels Generate Heat?

  • Many Australians think that solar panels generate a lot of heat when converting sunlight into usable electricity. However, this is a myth.
  • The reality is solar panels installed after solar power installation Sydney absorb the heat coming from the sun, which otherwise would be exposed to the roof.
  • Solar panel installation Sydney blocks the incoming heat and does not allow it to be absorbed by the roof.
  • Solar panels prevent extra heat from being generated.
  • Just like solar panels do not allow heat to enter the home during the day; at night, they prevent heat from escaping.
  • Thus, during the winter, solar panels reduce the heating cost, which translates to more savings, and higher returns.

Other Benefits of Solar Panel Installation Sydney

  • Zero carbon emission
  • Reduce the carbon footprint
  • Low electricity bills
  • Increased value of property
  • Less dependence on electricity companies
  • Eco-friendly and economical
  • Minimizes congestion on the power grid
  • Availability of electricity during peak hours
  • Reduces wear and tear of roofing materials

In a nutshell, solar panel installation Sydney not only cools your roof, but also preserves necessary heat in the house to give a cosy ambience in the house.

Planning for solar power installation Sydney?

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