Residential Solar System

Is Your Home And Roof Suited for Solar Panel System Installation?

Many Australians are adopting solar and investing in solar panel system installation in their homes.

If you are planning to get solar for your home, then here are some questions that will definitely come to your mind.

  • Is my rooftop suitable for solar panel system installation?
  • Which is the best solar company Sydney?
  • Will a solar panel from the best solar company Sydney be able to generate enough power for my home?

Here are some aspects that you need to check to find out to assure whether your home and roof are suitable for solar panel system installation or not:

Roof Type (material)

  • Roof made up of strong and durable materials like metal standing seam, concrete tile, asphalt, shingle, PVC, clay tile, etc. is preferred for solar panel system installation.
  • Slate tile and wood shake roof material may result in problems during or after solar panel system installation.
  • It is recommended to seek professional help before installing the system to get your roof inspected.

Roof Space

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  • Solar panel system of 5 kW sized typically needs an area of 25 to 35 sq. m. for installation.
  • If your roof does not have that much space, you can opt for a solar panel system of a smaller size.


  • Shade is a factor that directly impacts the power generated by solar panels.
  • Trees, leaves of plants, neighbouring concrete structures, TV antennas can increase the shade on your roof.
  • If shading is a problem, it is essential to eliminate the cause of shading or take the assistance of CEC accredited solar installers to place the solar panels on some other part of the roof where there is no shading or less shading.
  • Expert CEC accredited solar installers can help determine how shading will impact solar power generation in homes and how to overcome challenges related to that.

Flat or Sloped Roof

  • The solar panel systems are capable of generating electricity both on flat and sloped roofs.
  • If the roof is completely flat or extremely steep, a tilt frame may be needed for solar panel system installation which means additional expenses.
  • Generally, sloped roofs having an angle between 30° to 40° are best to generate optimal solar power.

Current Power Bill

  • One of the main reasons why people go for solar panel installations from the best solar company Sydney is to reduce their electricity bill.
  • Depending on the place where you live in Australia, the minimum monthly electricity bill needs to be at least $ 75 to S 100 for the solar panel system installation to offer a high ROI and maximize savings on the electricity bill.
  • The whole idea of getting a solar panel from the best solar company Sydney is to pay less for the electricity bills while generating clean energy.

If your home and rooftop are suitable for solar panel system installation, it makes sense to get solar panels from the best solar company Sydney as it offers long-term benefits and high returns on investment.

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