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Do You Need Roof Restoration Before Solar Panel Installation

Residential solar panel installation is managed by the solar panel installation companies in Australia. However, before getting the system installed, you need to take some steps for hassle-free installation. One of them is having your rooftop in the right condition.

This creates a question, do you need to fix your roof, i.e. roof restoration is needed or not before solar power installation.

Do I Need to Replace My Roof Before Installing Solar Panels?

This question can be answered by checking three aspects of your roof.

1. Roof Age

  • A solar panel lasts for more than 25 years after solar panel installation.
  • Usually, the rooftop can last for approximately one or two decades. After that, you need restoration.

Based on this information you can judge whether you need to fix your roof or not. If your roof is not older than two to five years, then you can keep it as it is. As the cost of roof renovation after solar panel installation is higher than the cost before installation, it is better to fix it if it is older than five years.

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2. Roof Condition

Roof condition also gives a clear hint that you need to fix your roof before residential solar panel installation or not. Some of the major indicators are explained briefly hereunder:

  • Cracked or missing shingles or tiles on the roof: It indicates a missing or weaker part of your roof. This further weakens the roof structure and adjacent tiles and shingles. This kind of structure cannot have the required endurance for handling solar system weight.
  • Leakage: You need to check your ceilings before calling solar panel installation companies to ensure there is no leakage. If you see stain or moisture, it indicates leakage and weak roof structure.
  • Dirt, Mould, Mildew: Piles of dirt, dust, mould, and mildew can damage the structure of the roof. This can cause the need for roof restoration later.

Any of the above-mentioned roof condition is a sign that you must get your roof fixed before solar power installation in Sydney, Australia.

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3. Other Factors

Other than the above explained two important factors, there are some more factors, which can help you judge whether you need a roof restoration or not. Two most important factors are briefed below:

  • Solar panel warranty: Some solar panel installation companies continue warranty even after removal and reinstallation of the system if the roof needs to be fixed later on. However, some do not offer this facility. Therefore, this fact needs to be checked well in advance with your provider.
  • Roof Capacity: Solar system will have a certain weight and your roof and material of the same must have the capacity to hold that weight for 25 years or longer. Even if you would invest in restoration later, it is necessary to double-check the weight-bearing capacity of your rooftop.

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