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Step-by-Step Process of Electricity Generation from Solar Panels

Often a solar panel installation company explains how solar panels generate electricity. In this article, we will share a complete guide to give more details on this.

In simple words,

  • Solar power functions by capturing the sun’s rays and slowly converting them into electricity to power homes and commercial premises.
  • Solar energy is a clean source of energy. 
  • The use of solar panels Sydney has gained tremendous popularity in the past few years and will continue to do so even in the future. 
  • Getting a solar panel installed at your home from the best solar panel installation company will offer a lot of benefits to you.
  • Solar panels Sydney are made from solar cells may appear to be quite simple and thin to the naked eye. 

Wondering how the solar panels are able to generate electricity from solar energy?

Here is the answer in a stepwise manner:

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Step-by-Step Process Of Electricity Generation From Solar Panels:

Step 1: Solar Panels Are Activated By Sunlight

  • The electricity generation process begins when sunlight from the sun strikes the solar panels.
  • Sunlight consists of discrete packets of energy called photons.
  • Each solar panel Sydney consists of a layer of photovoltaic (PV) cells, a metal framework, and wiring.
  • The PV cells are arranged in different arrays and are interconnected with each other.
  • When sunlight falls on these PV cells, they convert the incident light into an electric current.
  • For maximum productivity and efficiency, solar panels Sydney from the best solar panel installation company are installed on the rooftops.
  • The PV cells in the solar panels Sydney continue to function throughout the day to activate the solar panels.

Step 2: Electron Flow Generates An Electric Current 

  • Solar panels Sydney consist of one layer of positively charged solar cells and another layer of negatively charged solar cells.
  • When sunlight (photons) hits the top layer of solar cells, it causes the electrons in the bottom layer to become loose.
  • There is an electric field generated between both the layers of solar cells.
  • The motion or movement of electrons in the electric field results in the generation of an electric current.
  • The current produced by the solar panels Sydney is DC (Direct Current).

Step 3: Conversion of DC Into AC 

  • The solar panels Sydney keep functioning efficiently to generate electricity. However, the electricity generated by solar panels Sydney is DC, which cannot be directly used to power homes.
  • Australian homes make use of AC.
  • In order to convert DC to AC, the best solar inverter is needed.
  • The direct current generated from solar panels flows into the inverter.
  • The best solar inverter can easily transform DC electricity into AC electricity.

Step 4: The Use Of AC Electricity

  • The AC electricity generated by the best solar inverter runs through the electric panel and powers your home so that you can run various appliances and gadgets.
  • The use of AC electricity from solar panels Sydney helps to bring down the electricity bills drastically and reduces carbon emissions, too.

Solar energy being a clean energy solution not only offers a lot of benefits to the users, but also to the environment as well.

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