Residential Solar System

Shall I Invest In Residential Solar System

Many people have started investing in solar systems. This trend of adopting a residential solar system has put many house owners in a dilemma about whether to invest in it or not. If you want the direct answer, then it is “yes”. You must contact one of the CEC accredited solar installers and get the best solar panel with a battery or simple grid for your house. If you want to make a well-thought decision, read on to learn why you must invest in it.

3 Reasons To Invest in a Residential Solar Power System

1. To Save on Your Power Bills

This is one of the motivating factors for many. Australia gets enough sunlight and this natural resource of energy is here to stay. Solar power can be transformed into the electricity we use in the house. Top ways it lets you save on your power bills:
• Solar energy and its transformation are not as expensive as the use of energy produced by fossil fuels. Therefore, it can let you save on your power bills
• Generally, a house owner pays 30c per kWh. With the right residential solar system, you can also make it zero or the least possible
• Approximately quarterly 900 kWh gets saved by using the solar system

2. To Make Money

If the first reason is not that motivating, this one will definitely give an alluring reason to get one of the best solar panel systems for your house. If you get your residential solar system from a CEC accredited solar installer, then you can make money from the solar panel. Here is how:

• Australian government provides lucrative incentives to encourage homeowners to install residential solar panels
• The best solar system can make enough power to be used in a family and often this power gets saved. For access produced solar power, an average household can earn feed-in-tariff up to 17 cents per kWh which varies state wise

zero dollar upfront cost

3. To Contribute to the Green Environment

Saving money is important, not only for you but for your future generation as well. Likewise, saving limited resources for future generations is equally important. Here is how you contribute to protecting the earth by using a residential solar system.

• Australia uses coal and gas to generate electricity to power the national grid

• Each kWh of electricity generated by a coal power plant produces 1.18kg of CO2 emissions

• A 6.6kw solar system will produce around 10,600 kWh a year which means it will save around 10.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year

• Therefore, after 25 years a 6.6kw solar system will save around 243 tonnes of CO2 emissions


To stop all this and to keep the world healthy, using a residential solar system is inevitable.
To leverage all aforementioned benefits, you have to buy a residential solar system from one of the CEC accredited solar installers.

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