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Do Solar Panel Systems Cool Your Roof?

The summer season can be really difficult for homeowners in Sydney as it gets really hot indoors. The heat energy from the sun is directly absorbed by the roof, which causes excessive heat in your home. The UV rays from the sun also cause damage to the roof. Whether you have already got a solar panel installed from the best solar panel installers in Sydney or planning to do so, a question that you may have in your mind is “Whether solar panels can keep the roof cool?”

Most discussions about solar panels are usually about size, efficiency, longevity, warranty, value for money, feasibility, cost savings on electricity, and ROI. However, it is also important to understand whether solar panels really help to keep the roof and homes cool or not.

Solar panels absorb the incident light energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. Solar systems from trusted solar panel installers in Sydney do not allow sunlight to directly fall on the roof, instead convert it into the current.

How Does the Temperature of the Roof and Internal Temperature Increase During Summer?

On a hot summer day in Australia, the temperature of the roof can reach up to 60-70oC. The scorching heat of the sun and high temperature cause excessive wear and tear on the roof.  The heat from the roof will be transferred to your home, thus, raising its internal temperature. Even if your home is well-ventilated and designed, a high internal temperature will put excess strain on the air conditioning unit.

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How Do Solar Panels Keep the House Cool?

Whether you live in an individual apartment or building, an unanticipated benefit provided by solar panels is that they help to keep the house cool. Solar panels provide a physical cover to the roof and reduce the heat absorbed by it. Solar panels absorb both light energy and heat energy from the sun. The light energy is converted into DC current, while heat energy is removed using convection currents. Solar panels reduce the amount of heat reaching the roof and keep it cooler. It also extends the lifespan of the roof. Not just this, but solar panels also reflect a certain percentage off their surface. Solar panels also provide shade 24/7 on top of the building or individual apartment to reduce the temperature of the room.

Benefits of Solar Panels from On Your Roof

  • Reduce the amount of energy (electricity) you spend on cooling your home.

  • Increase the lifespan of roofing material by reducing its exposure to UV radiation.

  • Protects the roof structure by reducing thermal shocks.

Getting solar panels installed by the top solar panel installers in Sydney is a great way to use clean and renewable energy. In addition to reducing your electricity bills and cooling and heating costs, they reduce emissions and increase the energy efficiency of your house.

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