Electricity is a necessity for every household. It is also one of the biggest expenses as well for an individual. With the rising electricity costs, most homeowners in Sydney and other places in Australia are switching over to solar power. Most homeowners are hiring a professional solar panel installation company to get a solar panel installed to their homes.

  • Are you tired of those hefty energy bills every month that just keep on increasing?
  • Do you want an alternative energy source that reduces your monthly electricity expenses?
  • Are you looking for solar power installation in Sydney?

A solar system is an investment for the long term. Hence, choosing the perfect solar system from the best solar company Sydney is necessary.

Ultimate Guide to Buying Solar in 2022

Here are the answers to some questions which you need to know before investing in a solar system.

Where Should You Buy a Solar Panel From?

  • Finding the best solar company Sydney is not easy as there are many options in the market.
  • You can get quotes from different solar panel installation companies in Sydney and compare what they are offering.
  • It is likely that there can be a major difference between the prices offered by companies.
  • The price tag will be directly affected by several factors such as type of solar panels (monocrystalline, polycrystalline, or thin-film), the number of solar panels you require, warranty offered, company reputation, and the type of inverter for the solar panels.
  • Remember, a cheap quote may not be the best.
  • A solar panel installation company that provides a reasonable quote based on your requirement should be preferred.

How Many Solar Panels Would You Need?

  • The solar panel installation company would be able to better answer this question.
  • The number of solar panels required for your home would depend on the energy requirements of your home.
  • The total power output is more important than the number of solar panels you require.
  • Higher the number of solar panels does not mean more solar power generation.
  • If you have a large roof, it makes sense to opt for a higher number of low-efficiency solar panels.

How Much Will Solar Panels From The Best Solar Company Sydney Cost?

The cost of solar panels will vary depending on factors such as:

zero dollar upfront cost
  • Solar system size
  • Number of solar panels
  • Installation expenses
  • Rebate offered

The average price for a 3kW solar panel system size will be around $3500-$4000.

How Much Time Would It Take For The Solar System to Pay For Itself?

Is It Necessary to opt For a Solar Battery Along With The Solar Panel?

  • A solar battery stores excess power (electricity) generated by the solar panels, which can be used during power outages, cloudy days, and nights.

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