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Key Information About Solar Inverters and How Does It Work

What is a Solar Inverter?

When you are evaluating a solar power system, the large solar panels installed on the rooftop are not the only components that you should be focusing on. There are other components as well apart from the solar panels. 

A solar inverter is a crucial component of a solar power system. To make use of the power being generated from solar energy, you need to have the best solar inverters.

What do Best Solar Inverters do?

A best solar inverter converts the electricity generated by the solar panels into a form that can be used at your home to power appliances and electronic devices.

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How do Best Solar Inverters Function?

  • When the sunlight projects on your solar PV system, the electrons within the solar cells start to move around.
  • This movement of electrons results in the generation of direct current (DC).
  • The circuits within the solar cells collect the energy generated from the sun to be used at your home.
  • However, the DC generated by the solar panel cannot be used directly at your home. This is because most homes use alternating current (AC) energy and not DC energy.
  • When the solar panels installed on the rooftop collect sunlight and convert it into energy, it is sent to the best solar inverter.
  • The solar inverter converts the DC energy into AC energy.
  • The AC energy can power appliances and gadgets at home.
  • Excessive power generated can be sent back into the grid or battery storage system.

Where is the Solar Inverter Installed?

  • Unlike solar panels that are installed on rooftops, solar inverter installation takes place just outside your home or in the garage.
  • Solar inverter installation company chooses an indoor location to protect the inverter from harsh weather conditions. 
  • For obtaining the best performance, the inverter should be installed in a cool and shady place.

Are the Best Solar Inverters Available in Various Sizes?

  • Best solar inverters are available in different sizes.
  • The size of the best solar inverter to be installed depends on the size of the solar panels that are installed.
  • The solar inverter must be able to effectively manage the amount of power generated by the best solar panels in Australia.
  • For example, for a 6.6 kW solar power system, a solar inverter of a similar range or capacity would be sufficient to handle the power generated by the system.

Which are the Different Types of Solar Power Inverters available?

Stand Alone Inverters:

  • Ideal for solar power systems that are typically in isolation.
  • These function independently of a utility grid.
  • Directly converts DC power from a solar battery into AC power.

Grid-tie Inverters:

  • Directly connects to the utility grid.
  • Converts DC power into AC power suitable for injecting into a power grid.
  • They do not need batteries.

Battery Backup Inverters:

  • Shift the energy charge from the charger to the power grid.
  • Supplies AC in case of power outage or interruption.

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