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Installing Solar Panels on Tile Roof: Everything You Must Know

The number of solar power installation Sydney is growing at a tremendous pace. Most Australian homes are opting for solar power. Due to increasing demand, solar panel manufacturers are coming up with quality solar panels to improve productivity and efficiency at an affordable price. A solar power system can be installed on any type of roof. In this article, we will share how companies are installing solar panels on tile roof.

Step By Step Guide of How Installing Solar Panels on Tile Roof Is Done In Australia

1) Roof Inspection, Assessment, and Dimensions

  • Before installing solar panels on tile roof comes the pre-installation or preparatory stage.
  • In this stage, the team of solar panel installers will visit your home in-person or remotely for a roof inspection.
  • They will take down the roof measurements and determine the best location for installing solar panels on tile roof.
  • Taking the measurements is crucial for deciding the fitting of mounting brackets and the aluminium rail system.
  • After carefully measuring and marking, the team will also identify the location of the inverter and wiring.

2) Removing The Tiles

  • Once the rooftop is properly inspected, it is time for removing the tiles.
  • For solar power installation Sydney, removing some tiles might be necessary.
  • The solar power installation team will remove certain tiles to install the mounting brackets and attach them to the rafters.
  • The installation team may also make certain modifications to the roof structure to fit some extra brackets if needed.

3) Fitting the Mounting Brackets

  • Once the required number of tiles is removed for installing solar panels on tile roof, the stainless-steel mounting brackets will be attached to the rafters.
  • Once the brackets are perfectly attached and secured, the panel installers will fit the removed tiles back to their original position.

4) Rail System Installation

  • After the mount brackets are fitted properly, it is time for the installation of a rail system on the roof.
  • The aluminium-alloy brackets are bolted to the brackets across the roof.
  • The rails serve as a contact point for solar panels.

5) Solar Panel Attachment

  • Now that the preparatory work is done, it is time for installing solar panels on tile roof.
  • Specially designed clips are used for the attachment of solar panels to rails.
  • These clips bolt onto the edges of the solar panel. This is done so that panels can be quickly and easily removed during maintenance activity.

6) Connecting the Electric Cables

  • Once installing solar panels on tile roof is completed, it is time for connecting the electrics.
  • The electric cables below each panel are connected to the adjoining panel resulting in a string.
  • These cables will be connected to pass electricity to the inverter.

During solar power installation Sydney, the installers take care of everything – installing solar panels on tile roof, electrics, wiring, and the inverter too.

Compared to other roof types like the flat roof, metal roof, etc., installing solar panels on tile roof is tedious, time-consuming and expensive. However, professional companies are excellent in this, too.

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