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Solar Warranties: What to Look Out For

One of the most crucial factors to consider while purchasing a home solar panel system is the warranty. When we talk to prospective consumers, we find that there is a frequent misconception about solar panel warranties. Many individuals believe that the 25-year performance warranty that is prominently marketed on many solar systems is all they need to be concerned about. Wrong!

A solar panel system comes with numerous warranties, some of which are more important than others. The 25-year performance warranty is notoriously difficult to claim, and it is far from the most crucial warranty for your solar panel installation.

Four Important Warranties for Solar Panels Systems

Solar Inverter Warranty

Because it is the workhorse of your solar system, converting DC current to AC current, day in and day out, the solar inverter is likely to be the first component on your system to fail. If you want hassle-free solar for years to come, get a solar inverter with a great product warranty supported by a recognized manufacturer.

Workmanship Warranty 

For your solar panel system installation, the solar installer will provide the workmanship warranty. If you choose a clean energy council accredited solar installer, you will receive a minimum 5-year workmanship warranty that covers the following:

zero dollar upfront cost

1. Any system failure caused by the supplied product

2. Any workmanship defect in the system caused by the installer, 

3. As well as the repair of any damage to your property or leaks caused by the system or the installers.

Even the most experienced solar installers might unintentionally cause leaks during installation. This is especially important if you have a tile roof, as tiles can quickly break. If the breaking is not detected and repaired during installation, it might cause water leaks into your home, causing damage to the walls, ceilings, and paintwork. When problems of this nature occur, having a solid workmanship warranty from a reputable CEC accredited solar installer is the best protection you can have.

A Word of Warning

Be wary of workmanship warranties that only cover half of the work. For example, solar firms demand a call-out fee or do not cover the entire cost of repairing parts. With a good workmanship warranty, you will not be charged for shipping or labor.

Whole System Performance Warranty

Only a handful of solar installers provide a whole system performance warranty. That’s a shame, as this warranty is worth having!

Solar companies that provide a whole system performance warranty demonstrate that they have gone above and beyond industry standards. The performance warranty provides their customers with total peace of mind that their solar panel’s system will generate the power it’s supposed to over the specified period. If it doesn’t, the customer will be compensated for any loss caused by the shortfall in solar production- i.e. higher electricity bills and the system will be rectified at the solar company’s cost.

The best system performance warranty runs for a duration of 10 years, or even longer.

Solar Panel Warranty

The solar panel product warranty is the most important warranty to check when choosing a panel brand. Also, check the solar panel’s performance warranty. This warranty covers defective materials or workmanship in the manufacture of the panel. It is provided by the solar panel manufacturer, not by the solar installer.

The solar panel product warranty should be for a minimum of 10 years, ideally longer. Some of the cheaper panels only provide a 5-year product warranty and this is something to avoid!

You’ll also want to check that the solar panel’s manufacturer has been in business for at least 10 years. You want a panel manufacturer who’s likely to be around for the long term in case you need to make a warranty claim. Picking a well-known panel brand from a Tier 1 solar panels manufacturer is highly advisable.

Why a Clean Energy Council Solar Installer is Essential

The first step in choosing a solar system is choosing the right solar company to supply, install and maintain it. In Australia, it makes sense to purchase your system from a Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited Solar Installer. This is the highest level of accreditation in the Australian solar industry and demonstrates that the solar company has signed up to best practice industry standards for all aspects of its operations, including warranty support.

Finally, given the importance of getting the electrical work done right on a solar panel system. You know about the installation of solar panel systems to the highest electrical safety standards.


Investing in solar panels is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bills. However, it’s important to understand the solar panel warranty that comes with them to ensure you’re making the best decision for your home. When choosing a solar warranty, be sure to consider the length of the warranty, any exclusions, and whether the installer offers their own warranty. By doing your research and choosing the right warranty, you can feel confident in your decision to switch to solar power.

Remember to always read the fine print and ask questions to ensure you fully understand your solar warranty. With the right warranty, your solar panels can provide clean energy for decades to come.

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