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JA Solar Panels Review – Everything that You Need to Know

When it comes to the best solar panels Sydney, there are many manufacturers in the Australian market. Out of these, a preferred choice for solar panel installation is JA Solar Panels for many Australian homeowners.

Based on JA solar panels reviews shared by genuine reason and other research blogs, we have come up with a more detailed review article on JA solar panels.

About JA Solar – The Company

  • JA Solar is a leading manufacturer of high performance and superior solar panels.
  • It is a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturing and produces nearly 10% of all solar panels manufactured globally, including, the best solar panels Sydney.
  • This company, which began in 2005, has come a long way ahead having a product base of solar panels, solar cells, PV systems, silicon modules, silicon wafers, and power stations.
  • The annual sales revenue of JA Solar is more than 3 billion USD.
  • JA Solar is the fourth largest solar panel manufacturing company across the globe as per a solar panel installation company.
  • It has a worldwide network of sales and services.
  • JA Solar has 20+ branches globally. Its products are easily found in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Reasons Why JA Solar Panels Are a Preferred Choice For Homeowners In Australia

JA Solar Panels are considered to be one of the best solar panels Sydney. There are a number of positive solar panels reviews available from existing customers online. If you are planning for solar panel installation, you must consider JA Solar Panels.

Excellent Conversion Efficiency

JA Solar Panels are tagged as one of the best solar panels Sydney for many reasons.

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  • One reason is that they offer excellent conversion efficiency.
  • The panel conversion efficiency of a 420 W JA Solar Panel is about 21.5%.
  • JA Solar Panels are right up there with the most efficient solar panels in Australia.
  • Most JA Solar Panels offer high conversion efficiency ratings of 20% to 21%.

Warranty Offered

  • Another big reason why JA Solar Panels are preferred is because of the warranty they offer.
  • Many JA Solar panels reviews available online talk about the excellent product and performance warranty offered to customers.
  • JA Solar Panels have a product warranty of 12 years and a performance warranty of 25 years.

Specifically Designed To Suit Australian Conditions

  • The Australian climatic conditions are quite harsh in summer and winter.
  • These conditions are a real test for the best solar panel manufacturers globally.
  • JA Solar Panels are designed and manufactured to generate high power output during very high temperatures in summer and very low temperatures in winter according to the best solar panel installation company.

Resistant to Corrosion

  • Being one of the best solar panels Sydney, JA Solar Panels are corrosion resistant.
  • They have passed the salt mist and sulphur dioxide corrosion tests.


  • If you are exploring the options for the best solar panels Sydney that are cost-effective, JA Solar Panels are just perfect.
  • JA Solar Panels are not only affordable, but also deliver a great performance.

Low-Temperature Coefficient

  • As the temperature of solar panels increase, their energy output decreases.
  • This is the temperature coefficient.
  • JA Solar Panels have a low temperature coefficient, which means that less percent of power output will be lost during a rise in temperature.

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