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Do the Best Solar Panels Work Efficiently During Winter

A lot of Australians are looking forward for solar power installation Sydney. Most of them think that the cold weather during winter severely impacts the productivity of the solar power system. However, this is a myth.

The reality is the solar power is generated even during the winters.

Are you planning for a solar power installation in Sydney? Here are some facts that you need to keep in mind.

  • The solar power system and best solar panels work event during winters in Australia.
  • The output of the solar power system is less during winter than summer. However, productivity does not disappear completely.
  • The arrival of winter does not mean that it is not possible to use solar power.
  • By installing the best solar panels, it is possible to maintain a high solar energy output during the winter as well.

A Solar Power System Works During Winter and Even In The Snow

  • The best solar panels work during winter. However, energy production reduces considerably compared to summer.
  • The winter months of June and July are the worst for solar energy production in Australia.
  • The main reason behind the lower solar energy output from the solar power system during the winter months in Australia is sunlight is available for less number of hours.
  • Another reason for the reduced energy output during the winter is the sunlight is dispersed and widespread.
  • The low energy productivity during the winter season has already been considered during solar power system sizing for winter so that it can produce enough electricity to take care of your needs.

How Do The Best Solar Panels Work In The Snow?

The best solar panels have a smooth and plane surface. Also, since they are placed at a tilt, the snow slides off easily and do not get accumulated. Hence, the solar panels function seamlessly even in the snow without interfering with solar energy production.

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A Comparative Analysis of Less Solar Power Production – Summer vs. Winter:

During Summer

  • A solar power system of 5 kWh generates an average power of 21 kW per day in Australia.
  • This means for 30 days, 21 x 30 = 630 kW (approximately)

During Winter

  • A solar power system of 5 kWh generates an average power of 14 kW per day in Australia.
  • This means for 30 days, 14 x 30 = 420 kW (approximately)

This proves that the solar power generation during the winter from the best solar panels is approximately 32% to 35%less compared to summer.

[The amount of solar energy generated per day during winter will differ from city to city in Australia.]

Steps to Ensure That The Solar Power System Is Optimised For Maximum Solar Energy Production In The Winter:

  • Keep the best solar panels clean and free from dust, dirt, and snow.
  • Ensure that there are no tree branches, leaves, or any other material obstructing the path of the solar panels.
  • Angle the best solar panels towards the north to trap maximum sunlight.
  • Install a battery to store excess energy produced by the best solar panels.

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