Residential Solar System

How Can I Get the Right Solar System for My Home?

A solar panel system is the best option to combat increasing power bills. Many homeowners have already installed the best solar panels australia. If you are ready to invest in residential solar panel installation, this blog will help you get the right solar system for your home.

To get the best solar panels, you need to know what you expect and need from your solar system. Knowing this information can help you with further research. Alternatively, you can connect with a reliable solar panel installation company, share your requirements and get the right system.

To help you define your expectations/requirements, here is what you need to keep in the account:

How do I choose a solar system for my home?

1. Size of the System

The first thing you need to know to get the right residential solar system is its size.

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  • To know the required size, check your power bills. You need to know the units you use per hour. This information will be shown in kWh.
  • According to major residential solar panel installation companies, a solar panel can produce double energy than its size during sunny days. This will help you identify the required size.
  • Some websites let you use a calculator to identify the correct size based on your usage.

2. Off-Grid or Grid-Connected System

Once you know the size of the solar system, you need to know what kind of system you need. Both are explained below:

  • Off-grid system: It does not get connected with your power grid. The solar system comes with batteries. Therefore, after the residential solar panel installation, it does not use grid power. It works as a standalone system. It is more common in rural areas in Australia or some new projects focused on green environment.
  • Grid-connected system: Your solar panel installation company connects the solar system to the grid. This lets you use grid energy if needed, such as during cloudy days and at night.

3. Roof Space

You might get surprised, but it is one of the important factors, you need to keep in mind. Not only space but the roof orientation also makes a huge difference in the selection and installation of solar panels.

  • Even if you need a bigger system to meet your needs, but you do not have enough roof space, then you cannot install a big size system.
  • The facing of the roof plays a role to increase power generation. Solar panel installation company will choose the orientation of the solar system based on your power usage during the day.

4. Warranty Period

Solar panels are selected to have long term benefits and good quality of the system can give long term advantages. For that, you need to ensure that the minimum warranty of your panels should be of 25 years.

5. Residential Solar Panel Installation Company

It is as important as selecting the right size, type, and quality for solar panels. Your residential solar panel installation company has to be a CEC accredited member or retailer. All installers must be CEC accredited Installer.

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