Residential Solar System

Get Solar Ready While Building Your House

If you are all set to build your dream house, this is the time to give some attention to join green energy users by using a solar system. Planning solar power installation Sydney or in any other city well in advance would be beneficial as you would not need to make any other changes later on.

Continue reading to explore the top tips to build a house in which solar panel can give maximum performance:

1. Roof Design

Usually, any roof is good to install a solar panel, but some roof designs help in better and optimized performance according to leading Solar PV installers in Australia. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Flat Roof
  • It does not give any angles to install the panels, so it is not the best roof design.
  • There is nothing to worry though. Experts of solar power installation Sydney can install tilted panels in the angles, which help in producing maximum output.
Mono-pitched roof
  • It is a tilted flat roof, which will have slopes.
  • If the slopes are in the right direction, you can produce maximum sunlight during certain hours of the day. However, it would produce no or minimum power during the hours, when it faces shading due to the slope angle.
Hip Roof
  • All sides will have a slope downwards toward the walls.
  • According to the best solar PV installers, you can install panels on both sides of the slopes to get maximum advantages. It has the same drawback as the mono-pitched roof. During certain hours of the day, the panels will be shaded and will not perform optimally.

2. Shading

As you must have read this on many blogs related to solar power installation Sydney, shading is big a no. Shading on the roof would reduce the performance of your solar systems as it will block the sunlight. To make sure this does not happen, you need to check the following while building the house:

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  • Are there huge trees around your house, which can shade the solar panels?
  • Will you have a satellite dish, chimney, or HVAC unit placed in a way that it causes shading?
  • Are or will there be any multi-story buildings around your house?

According to solar PV installers, if your panels will face obstacles due to shading throughout the day, then it is bad. However, if it will happen just in the morning and evening hours, then it won’t cause much harm.

3. Land

This is also an important factor to consider while building a house and planning to get a solar system.

If you are buying land in the flat block, then it would be fine, but if you are thinking to buy a block in any of the following areas, you must seek advice from local solar PV installers and electricity providers:

  • Coastal area or
  • Steep heal

The secret of building a house that would let you get maximum output from your solar is contacting solar companies and take their suggestions.

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