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What Are Major Financial Advantages of Using Solar

Solar power is the reusable energy produced by a solar system from solar energy. According to leading solar PV installers, there are many advantages of solar power installation Sydney or any other city in the world.

In this blog, we will cover the major financial advantages one would receive by using a solar system.

1. Save on power bills

The first and foremost financial benefit of using a solar system is saving money on power bills. In fact, it is the main motivation for the increasing number of solar system installation according to the best solar company in Australia.

  • In Australia, energy wholesale prices are quite high, which makes investment in a solar PV system more favourable to homeowners and business owners.

2. Long Term Benefits

  • The electricity we use from the electricity provider is produced from limited resources. This is the reason each passing year, we see a hike in the power bills per unit.
  • On the other hand, solar energy is unlimited and renewable. Therefore, you do not need to worry about limited resources and consequences related to that.
  • Once the solar power installation Sydney is completed, you will not need to pay high electricity bills. Generally, a solar panel comes with 25 years of warranty. This ensures you are going to get financial benefits from your solar system for 25 long years at a minimum.

3. Take Benefits of Solar Rebates

  • Worldwide, the government is seeking ways to reduce carbon emission and increase the use of renewable energy. The Australian government has taken the initiative of STCs to increase solar system users in Australia and meet Renewable Energy Targets (RETs).
  • The STCs are tradable and issued to all solar users who are eligible to it according to the best solar company in Australia. The major criteria for eligibility are your geographical area and the size of the solar system. The solar size should be less than 100 kW.
  • Your solar PV installers will give an upfront rebate on the cost of a solar system by deducting the market value of STCs issued for you.
  • This will reduce the overall cost of a solar system.

4. Earn from the saved energy

  • The solar power installation Sydney or in any other city of Australia will be performed in a way that you get maximum output.
  • Use a grid-connected solar system, which will pass energy produced by your solar system to the grid.
  • You can use the energy from the grid. If the solar PV system installed on your rooftop produces more energy than what you use, then your electricity provider will pay you a “Feed-in tariff”.
  • According to leading solar PV installers, the feed-in tariff can be used as credit for future energy usage or the owner can get cash from the electricity retailer.

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