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4 Tips to Choose the Right Solar Panel Installation Company

Many people invest a lot of time in researching solar panel’s benefits, the cost of residential solar panel installation, and other related facts, but often neglect to research the company that will install the solar panel. Sometimes also search for solar providers near me.

The solar panel is an expensive solution. Of course, you will get rebates and many other benefits for the long term. But, it is not something that you can change if you do not like it. Moreover, your solar PV installer will also become your maintenance provider for the upcoming 20 years or more. Therefore, make an informed and logical decision while choosing a company for solar power installation in Sydney or in your city. Read these 4 tips on how to choose the right solar company in Sydney.

4 Tips to Choose The Right Solar Company in Sydney

1. Select a Certified Company

Look for solar companies in Sydney, which are the Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited. This is the highest certification in Australia, which signifies that the company is a qualified commercial and/ or residential solar panel installation company. This certification is a mark of experience, expertise, and specialization; altogether.

2. One-stop Solution

It is necessary to look for a solar company, which offers top to bottom services to make sure you do not need to waste time looking for multiple vendors. For example, a company only offers hardware, then you will need to look for someone else for residential solar panel installation. Remember, when you install a solar system you will need the following:

zero dollar upfront cost

Other than hardware, some other things need to be handled such as:

As you can see, it is not just a residential solar panel installation. There are many other things involved. Therefore, it is better to choose a company, which is experienced in the installation as well as all other related aspects. Your selected provider should do the following:

  • Inspect the site and your power usage
  • Recommend you the solar panel capacity to meet your power usage needs
  • Perform solar power installation in Sydney
  • Apply for rebates and grid
  • Give you an upfront discount
  • Give your demonstration and training on using the system, relevant app, etc.
  • Provide maintenance as and when needed

3. Warranties

Your solar panel must have a warranty of 25 years to make sure you can take advantage of the system completely. Longer warranties ensure the best performance, efficiency, and long term benefits.

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4. Cost

Usually, the quotation of reliable residential solar panel installation companies in Australia will be similar to the possible marginal difference. Still, it is advisable to get a quotation from three to five different companies to make sure you get a good system and service at good rates.


Follow the tips explained in this blog to find the right solar providers near me. Invest some time in ensuring you get the solar PV system from a reliable company, which has expertise and experience in residential solar panel installation.

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