Fronius vs SMA – Which Is the Best Solar Inverter?

The solar inverter plays a crucial role in converting the energy generated by the solar system into a usable form of energy to power your home. It is rightly called the brain of the solar system since it converts the direct current (DC) output of a solar PV panel into alternating current (AC), which is used by most electrical appliances and the electricity grid as well. Choosing a solar power inverter for your residence or office is crucial. When it comes to the best solar inverters in Australia, Fronius vs SMA; are two leading manufacturers of solar string inverters. Both these companies are quite popular in Australia for their high-efficiency residential, commercial, and hybrid solar panel systems.

Fronius vs SMA

Single Phase Inverters (Residential)

  • SMA Sunny Boy
  • Fronius Primo

Three Phase Inverters (Commercial)

  • SMA Tripower Core-1
  • Fronius Symo Advanced and Lite

Fronius vs SMA inverters can be compared with each other on the basis of the following parameters along with Fronius and SMA inverter reviews.


Both Fronius and SMA offer a product warranty of 10 years for their inverters. They meet the industry standard of a 10-year warranty. They have a base warranty of 5 years and an extra 5 years during product registration. 

Size range

Fronius offers a wider size range compared to SMA according to the Fronius inverter review. The size range of the SMA Sunny Boy single-phase residential inverter is 3kW – 6kW. On the other hand, the Fronius Primo single-phase inverter has a size range of 3.8 kW – 8.2 kW. If you have a big house, investing in a bigger inverter like Fronius Primo makes sense. On the other hand, the SMA Sunny Boy would be sufficient to meet the energy requirements of a small house.

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Inverter Efficiency

The average efficiency of the SMA Sunny Boy is 97.33%, while that of Fronius Primo is 95.95% as mentioned in an SMA inverter review. Both SMA and Fronius have incredibly high efficiency. However, SMA has a slight advantage mainly due to a lower kW range.


Both SMA and Fronius are premium inverters. Hence, they are priced higher than some of the other brands available in the market. The average cost per watt of the SMA Sunny Boy is $0.24, while that of the Fronius Primo is $0.32.

Talking about the inverter, there is not much to differentiate between Fronius and SMA. Even the Fronius inverter review and SMA inverter review online indicate the same. In the market, there is no single best inverter that will work for everyone’s home.

The choice of the inverter will vary from one home to another. A Fronius inverter review may indicate that Fronius is perfect, while an SMA inverter review may suggest that SMA is an excellent choice as an inverter. Both inverters are ideal for residential and commercial installations in Australia. Your installation company can help you choose the right inverter.

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