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Solar Panel Array Oversizing – Meaning and Benefits

Solar panel array oversizing allow your system to take maximum advantage of sun hours.

What Does Solar Panel Array Oversizing Mean?

  • When the total capacity of solar panels is greater than the capacity of an inverter, it is said to be oversizing.
  • When getting a solar panel system installed from one of the top solar PV installers, it is important to increase the size of solar panels by at least 10-30% more than the inverter rating.
  • Solar panels do not work at their peak (maximum capacity) throughout the day.
  • Solar panels reach their maximum output capacity only during peak hours.
  • The inverter performs the crucial role of converting DC power generated by solar panels into AC power that can be used in homes and business premises.
  • Before going for solar panel installation from leading solar PV installers, it is best to consider the DC power output of the solar array and compare it with AC power that the inverter can generate.

Solar Panel Array Oversizing Helps In The Utilization of Energy, Which Otherwise Would Be Wasted

  • When choosing solar panels and an inverter from solar PV installers available in the Australian market, you will notice that each one of them has a wattage rating.
  • For example, a solar panel of 350W rating will generate 350W of DC power, and an inverter of 300W will produce a maximum of 300W of AC power.
  • In the above example, the solar power system will generate more power than the inverter can handle.
  • The extra power (electricity) generated by the solar panel is clipped or wasted since the inverter will be unable to process it.
  • In this case, it is best to install an inverter having wattage equal to or more than the solar panels with the help of expert solar PV installers.

Why Should You Go For Solar Panel Array Oversizing?

  • Solar panel array oversizing will help generate more solar power, in the morning and evening, when the solar irradiance is low.
  • Oversizing the solar panel array means greater access to energy in the non-peak sun hours.
  • Maximum energy output happens when the sun rays are perpendicular to the solar panels, which happens at noon.
  • Having an oversized solar panel array with a solar panel array oversizing enables the system to take maximum benefit of the sun hours to generate greater amounts of energy.

How Much Can You Oversize The Solar Panel Array?

  • According to the CEC Solar PV Design Guidelines, solar panel array oversizing of up to 33% is permitted (for DC to AC capacity).
  • Above the limit of 33% for solar panel array oversizing, government incentives do not apply.

The solar panel system does not produce a consistent amount of energy throughout the day. When solar panels do not function at maximum efficiency or the production curve negatively impacts it, solar panel array oversizing from one of the best solar PV installers is crucial for maximum energy production during peak hours.

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