Residential Solar System

Are Residential Solar Panels Worth It

Australia receives ample sunlight. Therefore, investing in the residential solar system for the house having an unshaded rooftop is definitely a wise choice. Still, if you are thinking about whether to invest in it or not, then read on. In this blog post, we will share the top reasons that prove the worth of your investment in the solar system bought from the best solar company in Australia.

Is Solar Power Worth it in Sydney

1. Solar System for Residential Property Has Become Affordable

  • The prices of the residential solar system have fallen in the past eight years to make it affordable to each house and society in Australia.
  • According to the Solar PV Price Index chart, the cost of the residential solar panel is almost 50% less in 2020 compared to what it was in 2012.
  • The Australian government has been providing a lucrative incentive to the resident owners to install a solar system. All formalities are usually completed by the best solar company in Australia to ensure you get the incentives and other benefits.

In a nutshell, unlike earlier, it is now an affordable system and you must get it to leverage a plethora of benefits it offers.

2. Leave Resources for the Future Generation

Unlike fossil fuel, the sun is eternal. Sun is here to stay and will give you ample sunlight. Moreover, Australia enjoys more than 300 sunny days per year. This gives enough sunlight to be transformed into reusable energy using a residential solar system. By using it, you will do your bit to save fossil fuel and not hampering the green environment. This will let you leave the resources for your future generations.

3. Better Value Over The Money

Unlike earlier, the cost of panels, as well as residential solar panel installation, is affordable. Moreover, the government rebates make it even cheaper to get solar panels from the best solar installers in Sydney. In many other ways, you can enjoy better value over the money invested in the solar system. Some of them are listed here:

zero dollar upfront cost
  • Now solar panel sizes are higher than what was available earlier. For example, now you have residential solar panels in size of 6.6 kW, 9.9 kW and 13.2 kW. The large size panels can transform more solar energy into more reusable electricity. This helps in saving huge on the residential power bills.
  • With the latest and large residential solar system, the payback period is reduced as its performance is better than before. In a majority of cities in Australia, the payback period of the solar system is on an average of 5 to 6 years (depending on the size of the solar system).

4. Electricity Available All The Time

If you use the residential solar system with batteries, then it can save electricity. You can use the saved electricity even when the sun is not showing up or during the power cut in your area. According to the best solar company in Sydney, Australia, it is the best option for residents in remote or distant areas.