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Off-Grid Solar PV Systems: Applications, Benefits, And More

Solar power is generated by solar panels after absorbing solar radiation. Due to the rising costs of power and electricity, a number of households and businesses are switching over to solar power systems. While making this decision, consumers have to choose between an on-grid and off-grid solar PV system

If you are also approaching solar PV installers to get the best solar PV system, you have two options:

  1. On-grid 
  2. Off-grid

On-grid Solar PV Systems

  • Power is generated using a solar PV system directly connected to the utility power grid. 
  • Excess power produced is sent to the grid by the solar system. 
  • On-grid solar systems are an ideal choice when the power consumption is high and electricity bills need to be reduced. 
  • Since these are connected to the main power grid, they do not function during power outages. 

Off-grid Solar PV System

  • An off-grid solar PV system functions independently of the main power grid. 
  • They have PV batteries that can store the solar power generated by the solar system.
  • When using an off-grid solar PV system, the panels store enough light during the day and use the excess power at night. 
  • An off-grid solar PV system requires specialized equipment to function, which solar PV installers can install. 

Components Of An Off-grid Solar PV System

Applications Of An Off-grid Solar PV System

  • Independent, uninterrupted, sustainable, and long-term electricity generation in rural and remote areas is possible.
  • Power backup in areas that face frequent power cuts due to transmission malfunction. 
  • Emergency power supply during natural calamities. 
  • Effective power supply during land and sea expeditions. 
  • Running solar water pumps to supply water for agriculture, drinking, and irrigation. 

Benefits of installing an off-grid solar PV system

    • An off-grid solar PV system is self-sustainable, i.e. it functions independently without relying on the grid. 
    • Power outages can be easily avoided by homeowners as well as commercial establishments. 
    • An off-grid solar PV system depends on the sun to generate power. This means reduced electricity costs and lower monthly electricity bills. 
    • An off-grid system serves as an easy and effective alternative for people living in rural and remote areas away from the main grid. 
    • It is easy to set up and install an off-grid solar panel with the help of solar PV installers
    • Although the initial cost of an off-grid solar PV system is high, it is worth it, considering the high return on investment (ROI) offered. 
    • The use of an off-grid system minimizes the carbon footprint. This keeps the environment clean and green.

Considering the drastic drop in prices of the solar PV systems in the last few years along with the rebates given by the government on the use of solar power, many residential premises and businesses have made the shift to solar PV systems. Due to the amazing benefits bestowed by the off-grid system, more and more people are asking for the off-grid system from solar PV installers.

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