Residential Solar System

What Negatively Affects Your Solar Power Output?

Many Australians have already invested in installing a commercial or residential solar system. The best solar panel systems are capable of producing four times more solar energy than its size. This is called the maximum solar power output.

Getting maximum power output is necessary to leverage all wide range of benefits made available by the solar system. However, there are some roadblocks, which can reduce solar power output. This needs to be addressed quickly, if possible, to ensure that you are enjoying maximum benefits from your solar system.

1. Fault in Solar Panels

  • If you take the help of the best solar panel company Sydney, then you can be worry-free. They will choose and install the best solar system for you. However, sometimes to save some bucks, people choose a cheaper way.
  • Many times, a faulty solar panel gets installed. Due to lack of experience, the residential or commercial space owners fail to inspect and comprehend the panel for its quality.
  • If this has happened to you, then a faulty panel can be the cause of reduced solar power output.
  • The wrong orientation of the solar panel also reduces the power output.

2. Soil or Other Obstacles

  • To transform maximum sunlight into the usable energy, it is necessary that there are no obstacles.
  • Sometimes pollutants start to clog up the solar cells. Some of the common pollutants causing reduced solar power output are listed below:
    • Soil or dust
    • Dropped leaves
    • Bird drops
  • One should regularly clean the panels as demonstrated by the technician right after the solar panel system installation. This helps in keeping the solar system more efficient.

3. Shading

  • Similar to the dust, leaves, etc., shading also affects the performance of the solar panels even if they are the best solar panels australia.
  • If you have a tree nearby, then it becomes necessary to chop it to ensure it does not become an obstacle and cause of reduced solar power output.

4. Faulty Solar Inverter

  • Solar panel used to generate energy and solar inverter to transform that solar energy into reusable energy. Therefore, the role of solar inverter is as important as of solar panels.
  • If you have selected a cheap inverter, then it can also be the cause of reduced power output.
  • To make sure you are using the best solar inverter, you can check the warranty. The longer warranty assures better performance for a longer time.

5. Weather Condition

  • This is the common cause of reduced solar power output. If any of the below-mentioned conditions are true, then power output would be reduced:
    • Sun not showing up
    • Humid or very hot temperature
    • Windy, cloudy or hazy weather

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