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Warning Signs that Indicate Solar Panels Need Replacement

You will come across many CEC accredited solar installers in Australia. Solar panels are designed and engineered to last for a long time. Most of them come with a 20-year warranty tag. They are able to generate uninterrupted energy for at least 20-25 years, provided they are well maintained and serviced regularly.

Solar panels are also susceptible to wear and tear due to various environmental conditions and physical damage. If the solar panels are not giving the performance like they were earlier or need constant repairs, it is time to go for a new solar panel installer in Sydney.

Here are the warning signs that indicate it may be the time for you to connect with a solar panel installer in Sydney to power your home with a new solar.

Performance and Output

  • If the performance of solar panels is below par than the average power output set by the manufacturer, it is time that you need to think about getting new CEC accredited solar installers.
  • The performance and energy output may be affected by weather conditions like cloud cover or rain.
  • However, even when measuring the output on a sunny day, you find that the voltage and the current reading are below 80% then what is specified by the manufacturer for your solar panel, it is time to consider replacing your existing solar panel system with a new solar panel installer in Sydney.

Age of The Solar Panels

  • Most solar panels function optimally for 20-25 years, after which the solar panel performance begins to reduce.
  • The reason behind the reduced output and performance with age is the deteriorating solar PV cell that makes up the solar panels.
  • Every year, the efficiency of solar PV cells to convert sunlight into electricity reduces by 0.5%. This is the degradation rate.
  • Once your solar panel has crossed the 20-year mark, preventive maintenance may be needed on a regular basis for it to function.

Cracks or Glass Fractures

  • The presence of cracks or minor glass fractures on solar panels can result in a     decrease in power output by a minimum of 2.5%.
  • Cracks and fractures may be caused due to improper handling during installation or repairing, temperature fluctuations, and severe environmental conditions.
  • If the cracks are really severe and impact the power production negatively, it may be time for you to think about new CEC accredited solar installers.


  • Yellow or brown discolouration of the white metallic conductor strip may be an indicator of corrosion.
  • Generally, a solar panel expert will advise the replacement of the existing panel by a new solar panel installer in Sydney.

Interruptions Due To An Unexpected Breakdown

  • If you are experiencing frequent breakdowns of solar panels, the possible reasons may be improper installation, wiring problems, or even a possible manufacturing defect.

If this continues for a long time, installation by CEC accredited solar installers would become a necessity.

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