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Top 5 Tips to Select the Best Solar Company in Australia

With the rising electricity costs, many Australians are switching to solar energy. Once you have made that important decision of switching to solar, it is crucial to choose the best solar company in Australia. When you start exploring the market for solar power installation in Sydney, there are several solar installation companies available. Search solar system installers near me.

Going solar is a huge investment in the long run. Hence, you need to choose a reliable and professional, and the right solar company in Australia.

Tips To Choose The Best Solar Company In Australia

CEC Accreditation

  • Before you choose any company for solar power installation in Sydney, it is crucial to ensure that the company is accredited by the Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC).
  • CEC is the apex body in Australia for clean energy and renewable energy systems.
  • Selecting a solar power company in Australia that is CEC approved ensures that the best practices in the industry are followed.
  • Also, the product and service standards are maintained by the company you choose for solar power installation Sydney.

Competitive Pricing

  • When going solar, there are several ways in which the cost of solar power installation Sydney can be reduced.
  • You need to choose the company that can help you take advantage of the various reimbursements and government incentives, thus lowering the overall cost of the solar system.
  • The best solar company in Australia is the one that offers complete transparency with the pricing structure and how much energy the solar power system will generate along with the expected power savings.


  • Another crucial aspect of solar power installation in Sydney is the warranty.
  • You must ensure that all the components of the solar power equipment have a standard warranty.
  • The solar panels have two types of warranties: product warranty and performance warranty.
  • The product warranty is provided by the manufacturer of the solar panel and should be a minimum of 10 years.
  • The performance warranty provides coverage for the degradation of the solar cells inside the solar panels and must be 25 years.
  • The inverter warranty must preferably be at least 7 to 10 years. If not, then you can always go for the extended warranty option.

Expertise and Experience

  • Several solar energy companies in the market don’t have adequate knowledge and expertise about solar panels and equipment. Choosing this kind of company can be a mistake as you may fail to take complete advantage of your solar system.
  • Experience and expertise always count when selecting the solar installer.
  • Choose the best solar company in Australia that has years of experience and a strong client portfolio in this industry.

Post-Installation Support

  • When choosing the best solar company in Australia, aftercare support matters a lot.
  • The company you have chosen for solar power installation Sydney must offer top-notch post-installation support.

This is how your search ends for search solar system installers near me. Contact Isolux solar for solar panel system installation in Sydney.

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