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SunPower Solar Panels Review: The Complete Review

If you are a homeowner planning for solar panel installation in Sydney, this SunPower solar panels review article is for you. SunPower is a trusted brand in the solar panel market and has long topped the segment of premium solar panels. They have perfected the technique of producing solar panels, and as a result, SunPower solar panels maintain the distinction of manufacturing remarkable panels with a 22.6% efficiency rate, the highest in the home solar panel category.

This SunPower solar panels review will help you make an informed decision about why you should consider SunPower solar panels for your residential premises.

A Brief History of the Company

SunPower began its journey in 1985 and strives to be a reliable and reputable company in Australia. It is now a leading residential and commercial solar panel manufacturing company with its headquarters in San Jose, California.

The Bloomberg Tier 1 ranking indicates that SunPower is a well-known and financially stable company that has been effectively serving clients all around the world for a long time.

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In 2020, SunPower split into SunPower and Maxeon Solar. The solar panels are currently manufactured by Maxeon Solar, while the SunPower branding remains.

The solar cells are mostly produced in Malaysia and the Philippines; the cells are then shipped to Maxeon facilities in France and Mexico, where they are assembled and supplied via. channels designed for the world market.

SunPower Solar Panels Review: The Differentiating Points

The following are the main reasons that distinguish SunPower solar panels as a preferred choice for solar panel installation:

IBC Solar Cell Technology

SunPower Maxeon Series solar panels feature interdigitated back contact (IBC) solar cells. IBC technology uses back-contact energy conversion as opposed to the more common front-contact conversion. Because the cells lack grid lines, they absorb more sunlight. The cells are supported by a tin-copper metal framework, which provides more corrosion resistance than the metal paste used in typical panels. The cells are connected by thick, triple-redundant connections, which control cell expansion and contraction according to temperature variations.


SunPower solar panels are designed to last for about 40 years.

More Power

In comparison to a typical solar panel, SunPower solar panels can provide 60% more output over a 25-year period.

Degradation Rate

Based on the panel type, their degradation rate is as low as 0.25%, which is exceptional given that most solar panels have a greater degradation rate.

Panel Efficiency

SunPower has the highest panel efficiency rating of 22.8%, making it the most efficient for residential solar panel installation in Sydney.


SunPower solar panels have a 25-year product and performance warranty.

Types of SunPower Solar Panel Models

1. SunPower Maxeon 3

2. SunPower X Series – X20, X21, X22

3. SunPower E Series

4. SunPower P Series

As highlighted in this solar panel review, you would receive top-tier specifications in terms of temperature characteristics, power efficiency, and degradation, as well as a great warranty offer, with SunPower solar panels.

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