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Jinko Solar Panels Review: A Preferred Choice for Solar in Australia

Jinko Solar is the best solar company in Australia. Established in the year 2006, this company has come a long way in being one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels across the globe. Be it solar panel installers in Sydney or individuals living in different parts of Australia, you will hear everyone recommending Jinko when it comes to the best solar panels in Australia. Get a quick Jinko solar panel review.

Here are some comments based on Jinko solar panels review that will give key insights about their products.

What makes Jinko Solar Panels a Preferred Choice?

  • Availability for home, commercial and utility-scale
  • High-quality products available at affordable prices
  • Product and performance warranty of more than 10 years
  • CEC approved
  • Great value for money

Jinko Solar manufactures a wide range of Solar Panels

One of the major reasons why Jinko Solar is considered to be the best solar company in Australia is because it manufactures a wide range of panels categorised into different series.

1) Tiger series

  • Most efficient series sold in the Australian market.
  • Monofacial and bifacial options
  • Efficiency rating of 21.16%

Tiger Pro series

  • Available in both monofacial and bifacial options.
  • 72 or 78 cells
  • Better efficiency rating of 21.4%
  • High-performance N-type cells

Key features:

  • Built using the tiling ribbon (TR) technology
  • Production capacity range from 360 W to 475 W
  • 9 thin wire busbar solar cells
  • High energy-efficient solar panels as per the best solar company Sydney
  • All-black option available
  • Overlapping solar cells

2) Cheetah series

  • Cheetah panel range was first in the series
  • First launched in the year 2018
  • Top-selling solar panel series in Australia as per a Jinko solar panels review shared by solar panel installers Sydney
  • Ideal for rooftop installations
  • Aesthetically appealing

Key features

  • Production capacity range from 325 W to 340 W
  • 5 busbar solar cells
  • Limited power degradation
  • Excellent value for money, according to the best solar company in Australia
  • Superior performance in a low-energy environment
  • 60 and 72 cell options
  • Efficiency rating of 20.45%

3) Swan series

  • Resembles the Cheetah series in performance and quality
  • Lightweight design
  • Best suited for weaker rooftops
  • Easy and hassle-free installation

Key features

  • Bifacial series
  • Limited power degradation
  • Nearly 25% lighter than other series
  • Production capacity range from 320 W to 340 W
  • Efficiency rating of 19.7%
  • Half cell technology

Two most popular Jinko Solar Panel Models in Australia


  • Polycrystalline module
  • Production capacity range from 255-270 W
  • 4 busbar solar cells
  • Superior performance in a low-light environment
  • Highly resistant and durable against extreme weather and environmental conditions
  • Efficiency rating of 16.50%

Eagle PERC 60

  • Monocrystalline module
  • Production capacity range from 295 – 315 W
  • 5 busbar solar cells
  • Exceptional performance in a low-light environment
  • Highly resistant and durable
  • PID resistant
  • Efficiency rating of 19.24%

Jinko Solar Panel Review

Jinko is making solar panels more affordable and when you apply for a rebate your price comes down.

zero dollar upfront cost

Jinko provides a 15-year product warranty and a 25-30 year performance warranty.

The performance of Jinko is really very impressive. Also, won the 7th All Quality Matters Award for Green Module Efficiency at the Solar Congress 2021 held by TÜV Rheinland.

Jinko solar panels are offering around 19-21% conversion efficiency.

Considering the wide range of solar panels manufactured by Jinko solar and the advantage of having an office in Australia, makes this company and its products are a favourite for Australians.

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