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Factors Affect the Seasonal Solar Panel System Performance

In Australia, there is not much difference in sunlight, both during summer and winter. The abundance of sunlight is available throughout the year, thus making Australia a perfect place for the installation of solar panel systems during any time of the year.

Many people have various questions related to solar panel systems like

  • How would solar panel systems perform?
  • In which months of a year do solar panels function at their peak?
  • Do solar panels systems work in winter?
  • Should I opt for the installation of solar panels from the best solar company Sydney?
  • Are CEC accredited solar installers better?

We will answer all major questions related to the performance of solar panel systems.

Working of The Solar Panel Systems

  • Solar panels systems are dependent on sunlight to generate electricity.
  • Solar panels work best when the sun is shining brightly, especially during the summer season.
  • The power of the solar rays directly affects the amount of electricity generated by the solar panels.
  • Photons from the sun rays hit the PV cells of the solar panel systems, thus producing electric current.

Factors Affecting The Seasonal Solar Panel System Performance

The different seasonal factors that affect the performance of solar panel systems include:

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  • In Australia, cloudy weather is mainly seen during winter and autumn.
  • A solar panel from the best solar company Sydney will continue to generate electricity even during the colder seasons, but the amount generated would be less.
  • The efficiency of panels can reduce around 10 – 25% during a partly cloudy day.
  • Rain has a minimal impact on the solar panel system efficiency.  In fact, rainfall can clean the solar panels by removing the accumulated dust and dirt.
  • Solar panel systems installed by CEC accredited solar installers work best during summer and spring in Australia when plenty of direct sunlight is available.


  • The amount of energy generated by solar panel systems would depend on the location where the CEC accredited solar installers fit them.
  • The most ideal placement of solar panels would be perpendicular to the sun, and of course, at a location that does not have much shade cover.
  • North facing solar panels will generate the highest amount of electricity (kWh/day) and have a panel efficiency of around 99-100%.


The optimal temperature for the functioning of solar panel systems is 25oC. However, temperatures above 25oC can lower the amount of electricity being generated by a solar panel, even if you have purchased panels from the best solar company Sydney.


  • Solar panel systems perform best when direct sunlight is available, typically between 10 AM to 4 PM.
  • Solar panels do not generate any electricity at night.
  • The surplus electricity generated during the day is stored in a solar battery, which can be used when needed.

If you are planning to switch to solar, now is the best time to get a solar panel system installed at your home from one of the CEC accredited solar installers. You will surely receive the best performance most of the time.

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