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Everything You Need to Know About Net Metering

The increased use of solar panel systems has also increased the questions related to the same. In this blog post, we will answer of the frequently asked question to solar panel installation companies in Australia, which is “What is net metering?”

The net metering in the solar system is often considered an intricate topic, but we will simplify it for you.

What is Net Metering?

  • Net metering is related to the grid connected solar panel systems only.
  • When the best solar company in Australia installs the solar panel system and connects it to your grid, you can export the unused power to the main grid.
  • You will get the feed-in tariffs, also known as credits, for feeding back the surplus electricity to the main grid.
  • It is a billing system, which keeps a track of the energy exchanged between your Solar PV system and the main grid.
  • It’s a global term, so even if you are using a grid connected solar panel system installed by one of the best solar panel installation companies in Australia, it refers to the same billing system explained in this section.

How Net Metering Works?

  • The solar system produces more electricity when it gets good sunlight, which means throughout the daytime. On the contrary, when the sun is not showing up, the solar system cannot generate energy, which means during the nights.
  • Now, if you produce more energy from your solar panel system during the daytime, but you do not use all of it, then you get the credits for that surplus energy passed to the main grid by your solar.
  • During the night or any other time, when your solar system is not producing power, you can use the electricity from the grid without paying anything additional for that until your credit gets finished.
  • If you save power even after the use, then other users connected to the grid use the surplus power fed in by you to the main grid. Here, the benefit for you is you get paid for this power, which you have produced, but not used.
  • Depending on the system installed by the best solar company in Australia, the solar will send power to the grid at the end of the day or as per the configured interval such as every 60 minutes.

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What are the Benefits of Net Metering?

There are many benefits of using a grid-connected solar panel system and net metering. Let us share some of the most important benefits of net metering:

  • You can make money from your solar panel system.
  • You can use the power for free even when the sun is not showing, of course, if you have credit.
  • You contribute to the green environment and saving fossil fuel by providing power to others via the grid.

Is Solar Net Metering Available In Your Suburbs?

Solar net metering is available in many regions of Australia. Want to know more about net metering, then contact Isolux for more information about installation and cost.

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Do Solar Panels with Net Metering increase a Property’s Value?

A survey conducted by Origin Energy shows 85% of Australian think that solar panels added value to the property. Increasing electrical bills people look for ways to save energy at home. Having solar panels installed is a great way to save. The size of solar panels decides how much value is added. Property value increase based on the quality and quantity of solar panels.

Contact Isolux for Residential Solar Panel System installation or commercial solar system installation.

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