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A Comprehensive Review about Growatt Solar Inverter

Are you looking for the best solar inverter for home?

There are some options for the best solar inverters in Australia. Out of those options, the Growatt inverter is common in the Australian market for both domestic and professional use.

An Overview of Growatt New Energy, The Company Manufacturing Growatt Inverters:

Established in 2010, Growatt New Energy has become a key player in the solar energy sector, specializing in the manufacturing of residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar inverters. With its headquarters situated in Shenzhen, China, and a major manufacturing facility in Huizhou boasting a 20GW inverter output capacity annually, Growatt has expanded its global presence through a network of 23 sales and support offices. It has manufactured and shipped 1.7 million+ inverters to more than 100 countries across the globe.

In 2012, Growatt New Energy opened an office in Australia. Growatt inverters have been widely used in Australian homes and commercial establishments as well.

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Benefits of Choosing The Growatt Inverter:

When we talk about the best solar inverters in Australia, Growatt inverter ranks right at the top. Here are the reasons why most Australians love it and what makes it the best solar inverter for home.

1. Cost-effective

The main selling point of Growatt inverter has been its price tag. It is quite affordable and cost-effective compared to the other best solar inverters in the Australian market.

2. Great Performance

In addition to being an affordable inverter, the Growatt inverter provides exceptional performance when it comes to generating power from solar energy.

3. Economical

The high efficiency and reliability of the Growatt Inverter contribute to cost savings over the life of your solar power system.

4. Environmental Impact

By using solar power, you reduce your carbon footprint, and the Growatt Inverter helps maximize the environmental benefits by ensuring efficient energy conversion.

5. Smart Monitoring

The advanced monitoring capabilities make it easy for users to manage and optimize their solar power systems, leading to increased energy efficiency.

6. Versatility

The compatibility of Growatt inverters with various solar panels and string configurations makes them adaptable to a wide range of installation scenarios.

Comprehensive Range of Inverters

The Australian market has a full range of Growatt inverters available for people looking to install the best solar inverter for their homes.

Growatt’s CEC approved inverter range distinguishes itself by offering diverse types and configurations within the typical power range. Whether it’s Single Phase Inverters, Three Phase Inverters, or Single Phase Hybrid Inverters, Growatt’s transformerless inverters showcase high efficiency, with the Growatt MIN 2500-6000TL-X/XH leading the pack with efficiency ranging from 98.2% to 98.4%.

High Efficiency Ratings

  • The standard residential inverter efficiency is generally around 95% to 98%.
  • Growatt inverter claims to have an efficiency percentage of 97% to 98%, which meets the standards.
  • Some Growatt inverter models also exceed the standard. For example, Growatt MIN 2500-6000TL-XH has an efficiency of around 98.4%.
  • The high efficiency ratings make Growatt the best solar inverter for home in Australia.

CEC Approved

  • In Australia, most of the Growatt inverter models are approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC).
  • CEC approval indicates to customers that the company manufactures high-quality and durable solar products by following all the industry standards.

Growatt Inverters Offer a Decent Warranty

  • The CEC approved Growatt inverters in Australia come with a warranty of 5 years from the date of installation.
  • The 5-year warranty covers both labour and parts of the inverter.
  • An extended warranty for an additional 5 years can be claimed for free by registering the product online.

Exceptional Customer Service

Growatt has an office in Melbourne, Australia, through which, it offers exceptional customer service and support to its customers.

PV Evolution Labs Top Performer Certification

PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) conducts independent testing of solar panel reliability, and, since 2019, it has extended its assessments to solar inverters. Growatt, despite not participating in the PVEL tests, stands as an internationally recognized inverter manufacturer, indicating confidence in its product quality.

Top Growatt Inverter Models In Australia

Growatt 3000-S:

  • Rated AC Power Output: 3000W
  • Maximum Inverter Efficiency: 97.6%
  • Warranty: 5 years (Extendable to 10 years)

Growatt MIN 3000TL-XH:

  • Rated AC Power Output: 3000W
  • Maximum Inverter Efficiency: 98.2%
  • Warranty: 5 years (Extendable to 10 years)

Growatt SPH 3000:

  • Rated AC Power Output: 3000W
  • Maximum Inverter Efficiency: 97.5%
  • Warranty: 5 years (Extendable to 10 years)

Pros and Cons of Growatt Inverters:


  • Growatt offers competitively priced inverters, catering to budget-conscious buyers.
  • The efficiency ratings of Growatt’s inverters, ranging from 97.2% to 98.4%, compare favorably with other options in the market.


  • Limited available information on the financial health and longevity of the company.
  • The concise warranty document leaves room for confusion and potential claim disputes.

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