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5 Positive Effects of Solar Energy on The Environment

It can be seen that commercial solar panels are being adopted by commercial spaces and office buildings and Australian homeowners also installing a residential solar systems at a faster pace than ever. The main reason behind the increasing number of solar panels being installed is the lower prices of solar panels. In addition, the rebates and incentives offered by the Australian Government are also another reason why a lot of demand is being witnessed for residential and commercial solar panels in Sydney.

By investing in solar energy through commercial solar panels, organisations can contribute significantly to the environment.

In addition to the financial benefits for commercial establishments, solar energy offers a lot of environmental benefits as well. Here are some of the positive effects of solar energy.

Reduces the Dependency on Limited Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are a limited resource on the planet. We are mainly dependent on grid electricity generated by burning fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and oil. Commercial solar panels eliminate the use of fossil fuels. Electricity generated from solar energy is sustainable as it uses sunlight. Hence, solar energy can act as an alternative (non-conventional) energy source which can be easily generated without utilising the existing fossil fuels.

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Lowers Carbon Emissions

The burning of fossil fuels for generating electricity is a major contributor to the carbon footprint. Generating electricity with solar panels will help to significantly reduce the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, are released when fossil fuels are burned, causing environmental crises like global warming and climate change.

Mitigates Air Pollution

Burning fossil fuels for electricity generation results in the emission of harmful gases like methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and more. These toxic gases increase air pollution levels, resulting in health hazards. Solar power generated by solar panels helps prevent the release of dangerous pollutants into the air.

Reduces the Danger of Climate Change

The two major consequences of burning fossil fuels for generating electricity are global warming and climate change. Solar energy, being a clean, green, and renewable source of energy for electricity generation, does not produce any greenhouse gases. As a result, electricity from commercial solar panels in Sydney helps to slow down climate change.

Water Conservation

Electricity generation from conventional sources like coal and natural gas requires several gallons of water for various steps, from extraction to transportation. However, solar panels don’t need water to function. This helps save tens of thousands of gallons of water every year.

Keeping in mind the positive effects of solar energy offered by solar systems, more commercial establishments and offices are likely to choose solar power over traditional electricity from the grid.

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