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Homeowners Get Solar for $0 Upfront

Meaning – a solar system for absolutely NO EXTRA OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS

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Community Solar Program allows homeowners:

Receive up to $5200 in Federal Government Rebates.

Reduce energy bills by up to 80%

Install market-leading solar system for $0 down.

Over 362,000 Aussie homeowners have claimed their solar rebate in 2020 alone, claim yours now! The rebates heavily reduce each year right now until 2030 when it goes next to nothing, so get in quick to start saving now.

Here’s exactly how this works...

Right now the State & Federal government is giving Australian homeowners thousands towards solar installation.
These incentives allow us to offer a $0 deposit, 0% interest solar savings plan that is paid for by the savings in your power bill.

Basically, you ‘swap’ your current electricity bill with a (cheaper) solar savings plan for a few years.
Some homes are even GUARANTEED that they will pay less than they do now from the very first day.

This means you will start saving money immediately and it won’t cost you a cent EXTRA.

Then, in a few years (once the savings plan is finished) your bill will be DRASTICALLY reduced. Most homeowners save 65% – 85% on thrie Power Bills!

Benefits of solar panels at $0 Upfront cost


It is universally acknowledged that having your own solar panels in sunburnt Australia will make your power bill cheaper in these tough economic times. With the help of latest Government Solar Rebates, you can now get solar panels installed that are paid from the savings in your electricity bills.


Having Installed over 1000’s of solar system Since 2013 in Australia, we use only market-leading, tier 1 CEC Accredited solar installers. We will help you with man information to avoid the rogue solar companies and give you peace of mind with our 10 years of wrokmanship warranty.


By going solar, you can immediately begin reducing your dependence on the grid and go GREENER for the PLANET. If you qualify, we will help you get solar system with $0 down.


Based on the 30-second quiz, we will help you choose the right panels, batteries, and inverters to go with for your unique situation. We will help you save money and transition to a renewable and sustainable greener future for our children.

How to receive solar panels at No-Extra-Cost

Step 1

Complete the quiz above so we can assess your home’s qualification.

Step 2
Solar Consultation

An analyst will review your responses and call you within 24-48 hours if you conditionally qualify

Step 3
On-Site Review

If you conditionally qualify, you can book a free in-person consultation to assess your home, finalising your savings plan for going no-extra-cost solar.

Step 4
Sign and save

Schedule a date for the installation

Step 5
Save Immediately

Start saving money immediately on your electricity bill.

About Isolux Solar

Isolux Solar is an Australian owned national solar power system design & installation company that specializes in solar powered energy solutions including photovoltaic solar (PV) panels and commercial lighting.

Since 2013, we’re proudly committed to Australian homes and businesses to help reduce on their energy bills while also helping the environment. Our professional network of CEC Accredited solar installers and engineers allows us to combine affordable solar power solutions with the highest standards of customer service excellence.

Isolux Is An Australian Owned National Solar Power System Design & Installation Company That Specializes In Solar Powered Energy Solutions Including Photovoltaic Solar (PV) Panels And Commercial Lighting.

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