Considering the benefits offered by solar power, it makes sense for people to embrace solar power. If you are looking for the best solar inverter in Australia, the Solis inverter is one of the best options because of its reliability and affordability.

Solis inverters are manufactured by the company Ginlong Technologies Co. Ltd., having the trade name Solis.

Solis Inverter Warranty

Solis Inverters Cost in Australia

Range of Solis Inverter Available In Australia

Most of the Solis inverters sold in Australia are approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC).

Key Features of Solis Inverter

Advantage of Solis Inverters

Solis inverter produces power between 1kW to 60kW.

Designed based on AS/NZ 4777 standards.

The wide range of Solis inverter models is capable of producing an efficiency level in the range of 97.5% to 98.3%.

User-friendly monitoring app.

IP65 is rated for withstanding any harsh environment.

High switching frequency.

The lightweight and compact design allows easy installation.

What Makes Solis Inverters One of The Best Solar Power Inverters?

Solis inverter is one of the best solar inverters in Australia. Here are the reasons for it:

1. High Efficiency

The wide range of Solis inverter models is capable of producing an efficiency level in the range of 97.5% to 98.3%.

Most residential Solis inverters have an efficiency of over 98%.

The high efficiency offered by these inverters makes them one of the best solar power inverters in Australia.

2. Easy and Hassle-Free Installation

This inverter is compact and lightweight in design.

This allows easy and hassle-free installation.

3. Ability To Withstand Harsh Climatic Conditions

This best solar inverter is designed and engineered to handle any harsh environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, snow, rain, etc.

The corrosion-resistant NEMA 4X adds an added layer of protection to the Solis inverters.

4. Consistent Performance

Be it a single-phase or three-phase Solis inverter, each model is engineered and meticulously tested to deliver consistent performance.

The single-phase Solis inverter has a power range from 2.5 – 5 kW, while the three-phase has a power range from 5 – 10 kW.

Exceptional Customer Support By The Local Australian Office

Since Ginlong Technologies Co. Ltd. has an office in Australia (Victoria).

The local office in Australia is there to assist customers with any problems or challenges they are facing with the Solis inverter.

The local Australian office offers 24/7 exceptional sales customer support.

Technical help and support are offered by the technicians from the local office in Australia.

Are Solis Inverter Any Good?

Yes, the Solis inverter is good and gained popularity in the Australian market. The efficiency range of the Solis inverter is 97.5%-98.3% in all modules. Provide low and high voltage of inverter and produce power between 1kW to 60kW.

Solis Inverter Monitoring System

Solis provides a device to monitor the inverter system. With its Wi-Fi sticks, you can easily access your inverter monitoring system from anywhere.

If you have multiple inverters, Solis Data Logging Box same as Wi-Fi sticks. It allows to connect of multiple inverters through RS485/422.

SolisCloud is also one option to monitor the inverter. It’s a new generation PV system monitoring app to check the energy flow.


Solis inverter gained the trust of the Australian market. It offers a range of high-quality inverters with cutting-edge technology, high-conversion efficiency, and support. residential and commercial properties get the solution for their energy requirements. Investing in Solis Inverter guarantees optimal performance and efficiency.

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