Complaints Handling Procedure


At Isolux, we are committed to delivering the best quality services and products to help our customers achieve the best solar energy outcome for their home and business.

We Endeavour to deliver best service to our customers, though, we understand that there might be times where we may receive customer complaints.

The objective of this Policy is to demonstrate our commitment to resolve the complaint in an efficient, effective, and professional manner.

Isolux see complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction made either verbally over the phone or in writing, about standards of service, schedules, or lack of action by Isolux contractors or staff, affecting our customer(s).

Our complaints procedure is as follows:

Complaint should preferably be in writing with customer complete address, installation date, Agreement details, nature of the complaint, details of any steps taken to resolve it and any evidence that support your complaint.

Telephone complaints will be entered in Complaint tracker Register but wherever possible, should be request to the customer to put it in writing and with supporting evidence if any.

To deal with the complaints efficiently and professionally it will be deal with in the following manner to resolve it as fast as possible.

  • We take all complaints and feedbacks very seriously andare devoted to resolving all complaints we get in a reasonable, timely and efficient manner.
  • Where possible, we will endeavour to resolve a complaint as it is received, however because complaints do vary in terms of seriousness and complexity, we may need more time to investigate what has happened and come up with a solution.
  • Once received, we will investigate the matter and provide a progress update and/or solution via phone/email within seven days for a minor issue and 21 days for any major issues. However, if we need more time to investigate the matter further and additional time is required, Isolux will inform the customerand the investigation will be completed within 45 days of the receipt of complaint.
  • While a complaint is being investigated and worked upon, the complainant will be provided with updates via phone calls and emails about the progress.

To make a complaint please find below our office contact details and if you would like to escalate complaint outside the company, please contact local consumer affair/dept of fair-trading office. Contact details are provided as below.

Isolux Office Number: 1300 552 452

Email: [email protected]

Clean Energy Council: 03 9929 4100

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission: 1300 304 054

Dept. Of Fair-trading (NSW Customers): 13 32 20

Consumer Affairs Victoria: 1300 558 181

ACT Office of Fair Trading: (02) 6207 3000

Consumer Protection WA: 1300 304 054

Office of Fair Trading QLD: 13 74 68

SA Office of Fair Trading: 1300 555 727